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Desolation Horde

15 Aoû
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md | NA-PvP | Horde | Semi-Hardcore | DKP | Monday/Wednesday 8:00PM-11:00PM CST/6:00PM-9PM PDT/9:00PM-12:00PM EST/7:00PM-10:00PM MT

Desolation is a FRESH semi-hardcore guild focused on clearing raid content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a fun raiding atmosphere. New and veteran players alike are welcome to apply, as I believe anyone can pick up the game and perform to the best of their ability as long as they are willing to learn and put in the effort. As this is a brand new guild, I’m looking for class leads for all classes as we prepare for launch. I'm also looking for people who can take up an officer position, that can help me manage dkp, recruitment, HR, etc.

We expect all of our members to have the will to learn, and to put in the required effort needed to raid. A kind, courteous, and helpful attitude is required, toxic players need not apply. This does not mean we can't post memes and shitpost, this is the internet after all, I just ask that it not be at anyone's expense. Speaking of memes, I will allow up to 1 of each “meme” spec assuming that person is willing to put in maximum effort for every raid, and will work harder than most would to earn their raid spot.

We will be using a silent bid DKP system that has set spec prios on items to ensure fair loot distribution. We will also have prios on things like crafting recipes, etc. to ensure these important things stay in the guild.

Raid Times are currently Monday/Wednesday 8:00PM-11:00PM CST We will add a 3rd Night later down the road, this is TBD

Contact Jaybird#3278 for any pertinent questions.

Nos objectifs

To clear each raid tier fast and efficiently, and have fun while doing so.

Profil recherché

Hard working, kind and courteous members who can show up to raids on time with the proper consumables and buffs. People who wont just raid log, and will help other members get their important quests done, and finish out gear that drops in dungeons.

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