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HGGRC - Hydraxian Guildless Guild Raid Community Alliance

24 Jan
EN-RP Hydraxian Waterlords
Activité principale
Role play



Avancée PvE

Onyxia Onyxia
Coeur du Magma Coeur du Magma


Nombre de joueurs : 45

Ouvert à toutes les classes


HGGRC is a raiding community on the Hydraxian Waterlords European RP server.  

The majority of HGGRCs members have played Wow for a long time, with many of them having raided back in Vanilla.  Whilst we are serious about progress, we do pride ourselves in being able to achieve raiding success without making too many sacrifices IRL.  We believe that being able to tackle the content in a friendly, relaxed, and fun environment is more important than stressing over server firsts.

That being said, HGGRC does expect its members to do their best and to make an effort at raids.  We may not expect you to flask up, but we do expect you to have the necessary consumables for your role in a raid.  We expect you to pay attention during raids and to accept and act upon constructive criticism.  We will however not yell at you, nor be abusive when you make mistakes, because that style of raid leading can quickly lead to burn outs as well as contribute to a toxic environment.  We play WoW because we enjoy it, not to recreate the stress that we may feel in our "day jobs". 

As a community, we help our members out by buying/crafting gear, providing protection pots, as well as distributing enchanting materials.  We invest in you so that you can feel confident enough in your role to invest in us as team.

Another benefit to HGGRC is that we are not a guild.  We are a raiding community.  This provides a raiding opportunity for those that are reluctant to leave their current guilds.  This is of particular benefit to those that want to remain in RP guilds but still want to participate in end-game content.

If you are looking to raid with a community that is more like a family than a second job, contact us by filling out the recruitment form on our website so that we can contact you about a potential trial.

Nos objectifs

HGGRC's goals: 
  • To provide a fun and relaxed environment for end-game content
  • To offer a casual alternative to the toxic, stressful environments present in more hardcore communities
  • To allow members to have a life both in-game and out in the real world
  • To conquer everything that Classic throws at us at a reasonable pace.  

Profil recherché

We entertain interest from all classes, however we are particularly interested in mages and rogues

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