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Relic Hunters Alliance

09 Oct
EN-RP Hydraxian Waterlords
Activité principale
Role play



Avancée PvE

Non renseigné


Ouvert à toutes les classes


Our guild is made of a core of long-term friends, who met online playing WoW more than a decade ago, and who decided to relive their best moments playing classic.

Don’t worry though: we’re open to newcomers and are eager to meet new people !

We like to invest ourselves a lot in games and pursue great achievements: we aim at the top, and that’s how we have great fun. We like competition and hardships.

Nos objectifs

Our goal is efficient progress. Quality over quantity. Our moto is: "if you do it, give it your best. If you fail, learn from your mistakes." Though, while we are a group of hardcore gamers, we’ll be unlike any other hardcore guild you’ve ever met. You can bet your money on this.

As a group of hardcore gamers, our goal is to become the best around and play with like-minded players. We’d rather play less, but play well, than play more to achieve less. Our objective is to progress quickly and clear raids and bosses, clearly. This means we need dedicated and open-minded players.

Though, we are unlike any other hardcore guild : We don’t ask people to play all day long or to raid every evening of the week, because it’s not mandatory to clear all the content - and it will burn people out. We want our members to enjoy themselves, to have fun.

No one is expected to be a no-life. Having a life is perfectly fine and understandable – even advised. Just remember that we ask you to be invested and punctual, as you can’t be a high-end PvE guild without at least this. Also, we won’t be one of those excessively toxic hardcore guilds who feel superior to other smaller guilds. We really want to have a good relationship with other guilds on the server, maybe even organize RP events with them. Who knows?

Profil recherché

We are looking for "good players" but what does that even mean ? Everyone has a different point of view about it. Here is ours :

  • Being a "good player" doesn’t just mean being a former gladiator or having been part of a guild that got "first downs". Those achievements lost their meaning a long time ago. While it’s always great to talk about your past glory, it doesn’t define you here and now.
  • The two main things we will look at are: the quality of your gameplay, and your ability to learn from your mistakes in order to improve. The latter is probably the most important thing in our guild. Players who are not only competent, but also always improving while able to stay open-minded are those we seek for.

It does not matter that you don’t have any experience playing World of Warcraft, Classic or at all. It does not matter that you don’t have any PvE experience. What matters is your will to improve and play within a raid of people sharing the same goals. We have more than enough Classic experts to teach you everything there is to learn. Here are the other important qualities we value amongst our members:

  • Involvement – Getting involved in guild events, big and small, even non-raid related, and guild-wide farming efforts.
  • Performance – Properly playing your role in a raid or dungeon.
  • Punctuality – Arriving on time for scheduled events you registered to.
  • Consistency – Overall stable performance and improvement curve.
  • Reliability – Not leaving your guildmates in the middle of a raid…
  • Tenacity – Not giving up when things get (interesting!) tricky or difficult.
  • Friendliness – Not being toxic, not shaming other players, not being aggressive.
  • Generosity – The guild is not an Auction House; thus, we don’t want our members to make profit out of the other members. Providing components or paying for them is fine though. But the act of crafting, in itself, is free.

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