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US-East-PvP Stalagg
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SENPAI is a Horde based startup guild focused on semi-hardcore progression/ leveling that is anime inspired found on Stalagg.

Nos objectifs

What are our progression goals?
We will not rush players by setting a time to level 60 limitation. Yes, we are Semi-Hardcore and many of us will push through to endgame content as quickly as possible but we want to do so while experiencing all of wow classic.

Will we focus PvE or PvP or??
We plan to focus mostly on PvE content while mixing things up with a little PvP sprinkled in throughout the week.

What will the guild offer me?
We plan to host our own internal shops for members only with lower than auction house prices. Provide internal listings for Master Craftsmen in the guild. Host live anime streams multiple times per week and a friendly environment for all players. We hope to build many long lasting friendships!

What are the guild requirements?
You are expected to be active in both wow and discord. Participate in raids, dungeons and battlegrounds as much as possible. We expect you to love wow and respect our anime interests. We expect you to be friendly to all players in our guild regardless of their vocal pitch, interests, etc. You are expected to represent the guild at all times, this means following the same rules with everyone on our server as you do with us.

I have kids, is that ok?
Of course! Parents should get to participate as well, just be like me and use that push to talk button if your kiddos are extra lively!

Do we have pottymouths?
Yes. I may have been a sailor in my previous life. However, we try to be polite and respectful at all times. Exmaple: Extra Grouchy? Use push to talk. XD

What are my personal favorite anime’s?
Mendokusai! Just go look at my MAL profile if you really want to know. My name on MAL is GanimeX.

What age group would you say fits, Senpai?
Age is irrelevant. Everyone is welcome to apply.  Most of us are in our 30's.

How will we handle LOOT?
Each piece will be evaluated and given to the most active members first. As we progress, members will earn various VETERAN ranks within our guild. 1-5, 1 being the lowest. Members who participate more will get promoted faster and thusly be higher in priority if an item two people need drops.

Can I cuddle with an Hatsune Miku body pillow while in voice chat?
You might have a problem but we don’t judge, just don’t breathe too heavy into the mic for us. :kissing_heart:

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Who are we looking for?
We are looking for players who want to progress through classic at a steady pace while building strong long-lasting relationships. We love wow, we love anime and if you do too, well, Tadaima!!

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