Wowisclassic’s community needs YOU!

[3. LocalDefense] : The enemy is attacking Wowisclassic!
[3. LocalDefense] : The enemy is attacking Wowisclassic!
[3. LocalDefense] : The enemy is attacking Wowisclassic!

Dear Horde and Alliance friends, the time has come! Protect your favorite website by showing your strength and valor:

/yell For Wowisclassic !

Because managing the platform and granting the community access to high quality services is our priority, we offer you the possibility of becoming a PREMIUM MEMBER, thanks to your generosity…

premium wow classic

How will your donations help Wowisclassic?

Thanks to you, the website has become very popular in no time, and we’re truly thankful for your role in the birth and growth of the platform.

Right now, the website is funded entirely by ad revenue (damn goblins, always there to optimize profits!).

Unfortunately, we’ve become victims of our own success and the website has been the target of multiple DDoS attacks, most likely masterminded by a gang of Gnolls hidden in the Thousand Needles’ caverns, or Defias bandits who finally managed to make a computer work.

Because we want to guarantee our services’ quality as well as offer you always more security, we need to set up protocols and solutions in order to guarantee the stability and the safety of the website.

These licenses can be very expensive, and this is why we need your help, so we can keep up our growth and content quality  

Your donations are our mana/energy/rage bar. Thanks to them, we will be able to:

Ensure our safety against DDoS attacks

Let us fight these evil, cowardly gnolls together!

Have a secure, high performance server

In order to make the user experience better and the site faster.

Give our contributors and writers a few gold coins

Or at least a bouncing Murloc ball and a Thrall Mug.

Continue to grow the website

By adding new tools, guides and unique features.

Become a PREMIUM MEMBER and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Our call for donations isn’t nonreciprocal: every donator will be rewarded for helping to support the community! No matter how much you donate, you will obtain the PREMIUM MEMBER status on Wowisclassic for 1 month.

You will then be able to show off your Premium logo, which appears next to your username, proving your passion for Classic WoW.

It may not be the Holy Grail, bringing you riches and power (although…), but it’s still an extremely powerful element letting you prove your valor to us. About as valuable as Atiesh, Medivh’s staff, or the legendary Lame-tonnerre, épée bénie du Cherchevent.

Exclusive benefits for being a PREMIUM MEMBER


Displayed next to your name in comments.

Custom avatar

So you can show everybody who’s boss!

No ads

Boycott the horrible, greedy goblins by navigating our site without being annoyed by ads.

Two entries to our various contests

PREMIUM members will be able to participate twice in each contest.

"Donator" role on discord

Special role on discord, proving you’re a part of the WiC family

Displayed on our donators page

Join the donator "Hall of fame" : Click here

A big thank-you to all of you

Behind the staff hides a small team: it’s our passion for WoW which led us to realize this project, putting our varied internet skills to good use. WoWisclassic is first and foremost a beautiful adventure for the community that was made possible by that same community.

We would like to thank Blizzard and their French CM team who let us give you some goodies, all the moderators and contributors who joined us over time to help and accompany us for this project, but especially YOU, the WIC community, for your continued support and interest for our project: it’s thanks to you that we find the strength to continue.

A HUGE thank you, you can count on us to create a unique project for you. See you very soon in Azeroth

[3. LocalDefense] : The Wowisclassic community defeated the enemy!
[3. LocalDefense] : The Wowisclassic community defeated the enemy!
[3. LocalDefense] : The Wowisclassic community defeated the enemy!

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Click the button below and you will be able to donate to support Wowisclassic

  • Donation minimum of 2€ to lower Paypal fees.
  • No matter how much you donate, you become a PREMIUM MEMBER for 1 month.
  • You will get a new "My PREMIUM benefits” option in your account settings.
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