Donation - Hall of Fame

Thank you all for your support, without you we could not continue to keep Wowisclassic alive, which quickly became the N°1 website 100% WoW Classic. 

Here is the list of the last donations of the day, and the "Hall of Fame" of our generous members. If you want tohelp Wowisclassic aswell, feel free to make a small donation.

Thank you all!

Horde Priest
Hacride 28.00€
Horde Rogue
Alastoroo 20.00€
Horde Rogue
Djashokah 20.00€
4th elkcreek
Alliance Rogue
elkcreek 20.00€
5th Hamydhon
Alliance Druid
Hamydhon 20.00€
6th Guïnette
Horde Priest
Guïnette 20.00€
7th Slyke
Horde Druid
Slyke 16.00€
8th Terreneuve
Alliance Hunter
Terreneuve 15.00€
9th billym82
Alliance Druid
billym82 10.00€
10th Mathys
Alliance Paladin
Mathys 10.00€