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Les meilleures Spé PvE & PvP sur WoW Classic
18 nov 2019
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New tool: A list of the best Builds for each classes (PvE / PvP / Leveling / Fun)

Create, publish and vote for the best builds/talents. Whether you are playing PvE, PvP, Leveling, or for Fun, find the most popular builds in the community.

phase 2 wow classic
14 nov 2019
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Classic - Phase 2 begins now!

Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic arrives at 8pm CET! Get ready for the Update: two new World Bosses, PvP Honor feature and more!

file d'attente wow classic
13 nov 2019
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End of Layering - The queues are back

With the end of Realms Layers, every Realms are now on a single layer and some overcrowded servers are having queues again.

Correctifs de bugs - 12 Novembre
13 nov 2019
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Hotfixes - 12 November

With the end of the Layering system, Blizzard proposed a few hotfixes to prepare the Phase 2 of Classic, coming this November 14.

09 nov 2019
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Official dates: A unique layer per Realm + Phase 2

Blizzard has announced the official dates and times for the end of the Layering + the beginning of phase 2 with the honor system and PvP. War you ready?

Blizzard met le paquet sur Classic !
09 nov 2019
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Blizzard give full backing to Classic!

We have just received Activision Blizzard’s financial results, along with some information about Wow Classic.

Classic Phase 2 coming Late 2019
01 nov 2019
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Classic Phase 2 Arrives November 12th

Check out the content for Classic Phase 2, get ready for new adventures!

Phase 2 Layering
23 oct 2019
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Phase 2 Layering

17 new realms are now available on one single layer! Is yours already in the list?

Warlock PvP Guide - Specs, Rotations, Macros, Consumables
22 oct 2019
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Warlock PvP Guide - Specs, Duel, BG, Gear

The ultimate PvP guide for Warlock. Find out the best specs, optimal rotations, macros and gear you need to become the best warlockin Classic WoW

7 Classic Hotfix: Enchantments No Longer Count as Helpful Auras
16 oct 2019
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Classic Hotfix: Enchantments No Longer Count as Helpful Auras

Blizzard has hotfixed enchantments on gear to no longer count as helpful auras