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Read ourstep by step guide to unlocking access to Blackwing Lair (BWL) and killing Drakkisath in Classic WoW.

The quest to unlock access to BWL

Posté le 23/12/2019 by Kipik_WiC

Blackwing Lair, often called BWL, is WoW’s second 40-man raid, where you will be able to find T2 loot. Like Molten Core, you need to finish an attunement quest in order to be able to enter the instance. Gather your courage and find some brave companions before starting this quest: you will need them!

1. Get the attunement quest

Unlike MC’s attunement, this time you will need a 10-player party (and lvl 58) in order to succeed.The quest itself is found by looting Intendant du Bouclier balafré, an Orc who wanders in a small corridor to the right of UBRS’ entrance portal.

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Be careful: there are several elite enemies in this zone. In order to avoid a silly death, don’t go there alone. Kill the quartermaster and loot him to find Instructions de Blackhand, unlocking the Blackhand’sCommand quest. Your mission is to touch the orb behind General Drakkisath, the mini-raid’s last boss. You now need to find 9 fellow adventurers, including 2 tanks and a hunter, and clear out UBRS.

2. The strategy to defeat General Drakkisath

This boss can be a tough one for newer players: he is one of the hardest dungeon boss. Général Drakkisath or Drakki comes  with two adds. The easiest way to deal with him is topull him away.

Quel'serrar guide

This is only doable if you have a hunter. Once the boss room is cleared of regular enemies, your hunter needs to pull Drakki with Distracting Shot to pull him away. His goal is simple: buy some time for the rest of the party while they kill one or even both adds. Each tank must grab aggro on their chosen adds as the Hunter pulls.

Usually, the party will want to focus on the right-side add before dealing with the other one. If your hunter is good at kiting, he should still be alive and can then Feign Death to reset aggro. Drakki will then walk back to his room. A tank must immediately start building aggro on him.

3. Access the orb the Ascension

Once General Drakkisath is vanquished, you just have to touch the orb that was sitting right behind him at the start. After that’s done, you can leave the instance and go to the corridor where you found the quartermaster. At the very end will be an orb like the one you just touched. Clicking it will teleport you to BWL.

Quel'serrar guide

Congratulations, you’re now ready for BWL!

Congratulations, you can now enter Blackwing Lair whenever you want! Careful however: Classic WoW’s second 40-man raid isn’t to be taken lightly: you will need T1 gear or better and solid teamplay to beat this raid and its charismatic final boss…Nefarian!

Quel'serrar guide


Thanks to every contributor and the following sources for helping to create this guide: Gossusha, site contributor, Wowhead.

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