Classic WoW - Gnomeregan Guide (Boss, Loot, Map)

Here is the Gnomeregan Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean Gnomeregan as quick as possible.

1. Gnomeregan Introduction

Posté le 25/06/2019

Located in Dun Morogh, the technological wonder known as Gnomeregan has been the gnomes' capital city for generations. Recently, a hostile race of mutant troggs infested several regions of Dun Morogh - including the great gnome city.

In a desperate attempt to destroy the invading troggs, High Tinker Mekkatorque ordered the emergency venting of the city's radioactive waste tanks. Several gnomes sought shelter from the airborne pollutants as they waited for the troggs to die or flee

Unfortunately, though the troggs became irradiated from the toxic assault - their siege continued, unabated. Those gnomes who were not killed by noxious seepage were forced to flee, seeking refuge in the nearby dwarven city of Ironforge. There, High Tinker Mekkatorque set out to enlist brave souls to help his people reclaim their beloved city.


  • Minimun Level: 17
  • Advised Level: 22-30
  • Number of players: 5
  • Faction: Alliance
  • gnomeregan

    It is rumored that Mekkatorque's once-trusted advisor, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, betrayed his people by allowing the invasion to happen. Now, his sanity shattered, Thermaplugg remains in Gnomeregan - furthering his dark schemes and acting as the city's new techno-overlord.

    Although Gnomeregan is located in Dun Morogh, an Alliance zone, Horde players can easily access the instance by completing the questline started with "Rig Wars" by Nogg at Orgrimmar. This will enable a teleporter at Booty Bay, in Stranglethorn Vale, that will bring you close to the dungeon's entrance.

    3. Best loot in Gnomeregan

    Engineers will likely be interested in this instance as the large number of mechanicals means there is a chance of getting the Fused Wiring needed to make Goblin Jumper Cables . They also drop a number of schematics, even a few of the rarer ones.

    Everyone will find their happiness in Gnomeregan.

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    Everything you need to know about Gnomeregan dungeon entrance is mentioned in this guide. The instance portal is located in Dun Morogh. Due to its location and quest availability, it is primarily run by Alliance players, but it’s not uncommon to see Horde players form groups for it.

    Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    wow entrance gnomeregan

    5. Gnomeregan : Bosses location

    Gnomeregan is often described as one of the most frustrating early instances by many players. Its long, twisting layout makes it easy to get lost, aggro-pulling alarm sentries make already dicey pulls more difficult, and quests often require players to enter the dungeon more than once.

    Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance !

    Enemy Level Range: 26-29 elites

    It will take you between 1h and 1h30 to clean the entire instance.

    gnomeregan boss location liste

    6. Conclusion about Gnomeregan for Classic WoW

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