Classic WoW - Razorfen Kraul Guide (Boss, Loot, Map)

Here is the Razorfen Kraul Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean Razorfen Kraul as quick as possible.

1. Razorfen Kraul Introduction

Posté le 26/06/2019

Ten thousand years ago during the War of the Ancients, the mighty demigod, Agamaggan, came forth to battle the Burning Legion. Though the colossal boar fell in combat, his actions helped save Azeroth from ruin.

Yet over time, in the areas where his blood fell, massive thorn ridden vines sprouted from the earth. The quilboar believed to be the mortal offspring of the mighty god, came to occupy these regions and hold them sacred. The heart of these thorn-colonies was known as the Razorfen. 


  • Minimun Level: 25
  • Advised Level: 30-40
  • Number of players: 5
  • Faction: Horde
  • Razorfen Kraul Introduction

    The great mass of Razorfen Kraul was conquered by the old crone, Charlga Razorflank. Under her rule, the shamanistic quilboar stage attacks on rival tribes as well as Horde villages. Some speculate that Charlga has even been negotiating with agents of the Scourge aligning her unsuspecting tribe with the ranks of the Undead for some insidious purpose.

    3. Best loot in Razorfen Kraul

    If you are interested in defeating the bosses that drop this loot, you are in the right place. Check out the loot guides below to help determine to farm or not Razorfen Kraul based on what is available to you.

    In this instance, the objects are mainly for warrior and healer because of the large number of blue pieces containing spirit.

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    Everything you need to know about Razorfen Kraul dungeon entrance is mentioned in this guide. This dungeon is located in the southern part of The Barrens. The instance portal is situated just before the Great Lift to Thousand Needles.

    Like it's Dungeon counterpart Razorfen Downs, RFK is a Quillboar dungeon full of the giant pig-men that we all love to hate.

    Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    wow entrance razorfen kraul

    5. Razorfen Kraul : Bosses location

    Razorfen Kraul is a dungeon that journey here must navigate the confusing tunnels and defeat the quilboar bosses found inside.

    Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance :

    Enemy Level Range: 23-26 elites.

    It will take you a good 1 hour to complete the entire instance.

    Razorfen Kraul boss location

    6. Conclusion about Razorfen Kraul for Classic WoW

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