Classic WoW - Stockade Guide (Boss, Loot, Map)

Here is the Stockade Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean Stockade as quick as possible.

1. Stockade Introduction

Posté le 24/06/2019

The Stockade is a high-security prison complex, hidden beneath the canal district of Stormwind city. Presided over by Warden Thelwater, the Stockade is home to petty crooks, political insurgents, murderers and a score of the most dangerous criminals in the land. Recently, a prisoner-led revolt has resulted in a state of pandemonium within the stockade - where the guards have been driven out and the convicts roam free.

Warden Thelwater has managed to escape the holding area and is currently enlisting brave thrill-seekers to venture into the prison and kill the uprising's mastermind - the cunning felon, Bazil Thredd.


  • Minimun Level: 15
  • Advised Level: 22-30
  • Number of players: 5
  • Faction: Alliance
  • Stockade Introduction
    As the Stockades are located deep within Stormwind, they are considered an Alliance-only dungeon. Although the Horde has no quests that lead to the dungeon, they can still venture into the zone and run the dungeon for its loot. This is not recommended, as only Bruegal Ironknuckle, a rare spawn, can drop loot.

    3. Best loot in Stockade

    Unlike most instances, the Stockade has exceptionally poor loot from bosses, with the exception of one rare spawn. This is believed to be because, being in the center of the human capital, it would be too easy to farm.

    In this instance, the items are mainly for rogues and druids.

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    Everything you need to know about The Stockade dungeon entrance is mentioned in this guide. The Stockade instance portal is situated in the northeast corner of the Mage Quarter. The dungeon serves as a prison for the criminals and crooks of Stormwind but has been under threat from a recent internal revolt.

    Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    wow entrance stockade

    5. The Stockade : Bosses location

    A recommanded composition is a balanced group of players around level 27, with a decent level 27, at least, tank or very competent players for the final mini-boss.

    Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance!

    Enemy Level Range: 23-26 elites

    The Stockade map: It is the second group dungeon that most Alliance players will run. Due to its location and availability of quests, it is effectively an Alliance-only dungeon.

    Stockade boss location

    6. Conclusion about The Stockade for Classic WoW

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