Classic WoW - Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS)

Here is the Upper Blackrock Spire Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean the Upper Blackrock Spire as quick as possible.

1. Upper Blackrock Spire Introduction

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The history of this imposing fortress is long and complex. Carved into the fiery core of Blackrock Mountain by the Dark Iron clan centuries ago, and eventually taken by the black dragon Nefarian and his brood, the upper reaches of Blackrock Spire are now home to the Ironmarch vanguard.

As preparations to use the Spire as the staging ground for a full-scale invasion of Azeroth continue, the Iron Horde has set up a terrifying contingency plan: a doomsday weapon within the heart of Blackrock Mountain.


  • Minimun Level: 45
  • Advised Level: 56-60
  • Number of players: 10
  • Faction: Contested
  • Attunement: Seal of Ascension
  • Upper Blackrock Spire Introduction

    To enter Upper Blackrock Spire, at least someone in your group needs to have a Seal of Ascension, obtained from the questline that starts with Seal of Ascension, which involves rare drops from the bosses in Lower Blackrock Spire:

    3. Best loot in Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS)

    Excluding General Drakkisath, the set pieces appearing in the following loot tables are part of the standard loot table, not a guaranteed drop. Drakkisath will always drop 1 chest piece.

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    To enter the Upper Spire, use the same entrance as the Lower Spire and follow the left wall as you enter. You will ascend a small flight of stairs and into a hall with smaller side chambers. Each chamber is filled with mobs and a small glowing rune. Defeating the mobs in a chamber will deactivate a rune and once each has faded, a double door at the back of the hall will open.

    Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    wow entrance upper blackrock spire

    5. Upper Blackrock Spire : Bosses location

    Upper Blackrock Spire and Lower Blackrock Spire share the same entrance. Just go up the chain you'd normally go down to get to BRD. Run off the end of the chain and head right. You can't miss it.

    Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance :

    Enemy Level Range: 56-61 elites.

    Upper Blackrock Spire map:

    Upper Blackrock Spire boss location

    6. Conclusion about Upper Blackrock Spire for Classic WoW

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