Classic WoW - Zul'Farrak Guide (Boss, Loot, Map)

Here is the Zul'Farrak Guide for Classic WoW. You'll find the boss list, loot table and entrance location to clean Zul'Farrak as quick as possible.

1. Zul'Farrak Introduction

Posté le 03/07/2019

Troll legends tell of a powerful sword called Sul'thraze the Lasher, a weapon capable of instilling fear and weakness in even the most formidable of foes. Long ago, the weapon was split in half. However, rumors have circulated that the two halves may be found somewhere within Zul'Farrak's walls. 


  • Minimun Level: 39
  • Advised Level: 44-52
  • Number of players: 5
  • Faction: Contested
  • Zul'Farrak Introduction

    Reports have also suggested that a band of mercenaries fleeing Gadgetzan wandered into the city and became trapped. Their fate remains unknown. But perhaps most disturbing of all are the hushed whispers of an ancient creature sleeping within a sacred pool at the city's heart - a mighty demigod who will wreak untold destruction upon any adventurer foolish enough to awaken him.

    3. Best loot in Zul'Farrak

    The treasure available here is of good quality, with a large array of green items and a decent drop rate of silver and cloth, as well as some leather from the basilisks which accompany the trolls in certain places.

    Powerful equipment for all classes!

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    Zul’Farrak entrance is a troll city located in northwestern Tanaris. Due to its massive size, players can use mounts in the zone. While the bosses can be defeated in any order, the instance comes to a climax when players are able to rescue a band of mercenaries trapped in cages by the Sandfury trolls. This is particularly notable as it was one of World of Warcraft's first scripted events.

    Check out the pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    wow entrance Zul'Farrak

    5. Zul'Farrak : Bosses location

    Zul’Farrak is a big circle, so the end boss can be done before most of the mini-bosses.

    Chief Ukorz Sandscalp can only be reached after defeating Nekrum at the end of the Pyramid Battle.

    Gahz'rilla can be done before or after the Pyramid Battle/Sergeant Bly/Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, so in some sense, he can also be the "End Boss".

    Discover without further delay the complete list of encounters considered important in this instance !

    Enemy Level Range: 44-48 elites

    Due to the number of packs grouping between 2-3 trolls, it is necessary to privilege the classes having control in order to limit the damage and to be able to quickly link the packs without losing too much life/mana. In 1 hour you should have finished the instance.

    Zul'Farrak boss location

    6. Conclusion about The Zul'Farrak for Classic WoW

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