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You will find here the ultimate PvP guide for Alterac Valley, the reputation rewards and tips to farm honor!

Complete Guide : Alterac Valley

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PvP fans will have enough to satisfy their lust for Glory and Honor by sacking the enemy camp in Alterac Valley, one of the three Battlegrounds in Classic WoW. Unlike Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley is a large scale 40 VS 40 faction war in a huge map. Access is only available to players level 51 and above. To enter it : either queue at a Battlemaster in a capital or go to the entrance of the instance portal in Alterac, north of Tarren Mill (Northwest for theAlliance, Northeast for the Horde).

This BG is unique because of its PvPvE nature: if PvP is the main focus of this battleground, players have the possibility to do quests for their faction, and attack NPCs protecting enemy assets (guards and patrols) as well as hostile creatures living in the valley. The victor will be the one to exhaust enemy resources and kill the enemy General (Vanndar Stormpike or Drek’Thar). Nothing overly complex here :

  • Destroy enemy towers and bunkers
  • Kill high-rank enemies (lieutenants, captains, commanders, etc.),
  • Take control of the resources available on the map.

Guide de la Vallée d'Alterac Wow Classic

Each faction has at its dispoal infantry units, cavalry and an air force of sorts to accompany players in their conquest and help them win. Faction Lords can also join the fight and can be reinforced as your progress, for example by grabbing Stormpike soldier Blood or Frostwold soldier Medals from enemy players.

Note : killing high rank enemies reduces the enemy General’s troop of bodyguards. Depending on the relative strength of factions, it was common in Vanilla to have Alterac Valley battlegrounds last several hours, up to one or two days. Classic WoW uses the 1.12 version of the battleground, before the changes made to severely reduce how long it could last.

1. Key objectives of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

Key objectives of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

Key objectives of Alterac Valley in Classic WoW

The main objective is obvious: silencing the enemy faction’s general : Vanndar Stormpike or Drek’Thar. It is possible to succeed in that mission without doing any secondary objective, but it would be very risky and difficult. The BG immediately ends when a General’s Health drops to 0.

Generals are tough bosses and can only be killed by a large raid group. With their massive Health bar, you will need all the DPS you can get, as well as good tanks and healers to support them. Don’t forget that this is a PvPvE BG : Enemy players will relentlessly come to slow you down.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

Note : Generals need their comfort. Don’t bother trying to bait them out of their fort! If they ever leave it they’ll immediately run back to their starting point and go back to full Health. Killing the enemy General immediately ends the match and gives a honor bonus based on how many objectives your faction controls.

Objective n°2 : Get these graveyards !

There is a total of 7 graveyards in Alterac Valley. They can all be captured in order to keep the pressure and are a vital strategic objective for both faction. They allow you to both allow your allies to quickly redeploy after a failed assault and also slow down the enemy’s advance.

Guide la vallée d'Alterac Wow Classic

Usually, graveyards are conquered by Rogues and Druids because of their ability to move stealthily.

Objective n°3 : Destroy enemy towers and bunkers

Throughouts Alterac Valley you will find Towers and Bunkers owned by either the Horde or the Alliance. Killing every NPC inside and taking control of the building will significantly weaken the enemy general’s guards, making victory much easier. These buildings are a major objective in the BG and it’s commonplace to deploy groups of players to defend them.

Objective n°4 : Kill high-rank enemies

To make assassinating the enemy General easier, players can satisfy their bloodlust by murdering high ranking NPCs from the enemy faction:


Lieutenants patrol the roads and around their faction’s graveyards. Like Captains, they give a temporary buff to allied warriors. These Elite NPCs are relatively weak and can be killed by a good player or a small group. Killing Lieutenants grants a honor bonus and prevents a few enemy troups from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

Commanders are usually found in bunkers and towers, although you can sometimes find the mat their faction’s graveyards. As all high-rank troops, they can buff allied players around them. More powerful than Lieutenants, they’re still fairly easily to kill with a small group. Killing commanders grants a honor bonus and prevents some enemy troups from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic
Captain Galvangar (Horde) and Captain Baldina Stonehearth (Alliance)

These NPCs are staying warm in Iceblood Garrison and Stonehearth Outpost. Captains are an important part of a strategic assault: they regularly buff all the faction’s players by increasing their Health by 20%. Killing them grants Honor for your weekly ranking and prevents some enemy troops from respawning.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Classic

2. Alterac Valley Quests

The PvPvE nature of the BG is shown clearly by some repeatable quests that can only be accomplished during the battleground. These quests allow you to increase your dedicated faction’s reputation (Stormpike Guard for the Alliance and Frostwolf Clan for the Horde)  but also to deploy and reinforce troops, depending on the resources gathered.

These quests are usually done when your group requires reinforcements or the BG is at a standstill, in order to gain the advantage. Note that you can’t leave the BG with items acquired within the battleground.

2.1. Improve allied units

During your conquest, players can gather armor scraps to bring to their base’s blacksmith: Murgot Deepforge or Forgeron Regzar to improve their NPC allies up to 3 times and it requires 500 armor scraps each time, for a total of 1500. Finishing the quest chain will also grant the buff Armure polie, increasing armor by 10% for 30 minutes.

Armor Scraps can be found on almost any creature in Alterac Valley as well as dead enemy players. Beside just improving allied troops, turning in Armor Scraps will lead to gaining your General’s approval, earning an attack & spell power buff.

Note : You need to be Honored or above with the local Alterac Valley faction (Stormpike Guard or Frostwold Clan) in order to activate the unit buff.

2.2. Ground assault

The ground assault is an elite troop of NPCs that can be given orders by players who have a high reputation with the local faction.

In order to begin a land assault, players must gather provisions at the mines of Coldtooth and/or Irondeep. First they must take control of the mine by killing the NPC in charge. These mines’ inhabitants are non-elite creatures, a single player or a small group can easily take care of them.

Once the mine under your control, your faction’s miners can come in and start digging for resources (Fournitures de Froide-dent and Fournitures de Gouffrefer) that you can bring back to your base. In order to be able to do so, you need to have the corresponding quest:

  • Coldtooth Supplies,
  • Irondeep Supplies.

To unleash the assault, you need 280 Fournitures de Gouffrefer or Fournitures de Froide-dent for the Alliance Alliance / 280 Fournitures de Froide-dent or 70 Fournitures de Gouffrefer for the Horde. Speak with the Quartermaster to see how many resources you still need for the land assault to begin.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Clasic

Note : activer le déploiement de l’assaut terrestre nécessite une réputation Honoré ou supérieur auprès de votre faction de la Vallée d'Alterac (Garde Stormpike ou Clan Frostwolf). Une fois l'attaque terminée, vous devez attendre la fin du CD interne avant qu'un autre assaut terrestre ne puisse être activé.

2.3. Cavalry charge

In the same manner as the ground assault, players can ask for a troop of cavalry to accompany them in their conquest of Alterac Valley. To do that, you must do a quest chain you can find in your main base’s stables. Players must first capture rams or wolves by taming them (quest : Écuries vides). Once the stables filled with 25 Tamed Rams or 25 Tamed Frostwolves, you will need to gather 25 Peau de bélier d'Alterac or Peau de loup des glaces.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Clasic

Note : activer le déploiement de l’assaut de cavalerie nécessite une réputation Honoré ou supérieur auprès de votre faction de la Vallée d'Alterac (Garde Stormpike ou Clan Frostwolf). Une fois l'attaque terminée, vous devez attendre la fin du CD interne avant qu'un autre assaut terrestre ne puisse être activé.

2.4. Aerial Assault

Despite the medieval fantastic world of Classic WoW, you’ve probably already seen mechanized tanks or flying machines. In Alterac Valley, you can use those inventions to help you achieve victory.

Once you’ve found and rescued the lost Wing Commanders after a series of quests, you will have the ability to send aerial units to patrol from your base to the center of Alterac Valley.

For the Alliance:

For the Horde:

These resources can be taken from enemy players or NPCs’ corpses. Note that if the Wing Commanders haven’t been rescued, there is no way for the players to turn in these resources.

After turning in the resources, a player with Revered or higher reputation will be able to mark a spot on the map to order an aerial strike. Each Wing Commander will give 2 options:

Ask the Wing Commander to attack the enemy base.
Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Clasic

2.5 Summon your faction’s boss

Magic being at the heart of Classic WoW, it is possible to summon a boss for your faction. No surprises here, you first need to turn in some resources!

For the Alliance:

For the Horde: 

These must be gathered from enemy players or NPCs’ corpses, allowing you to summon a powerful faction leader. Once this is done, the druid/primalist, accompanied by a group of elite guards, will try to summon the boss.

Guide la Vallée d’Alterac Wow Clasic

The primalist will go to the region between Snowfall Graveyard and Iceblood Garrison, while the druid will go between Stonehearth Bunker and Stonehearth Outpost. 10 players must join them to click the summoning circle. The freshly summoned boss will beat up anything in its path and move slowly but surely toward the enemy base. These bosses can be buffed and healed and it is highly recommended you do so, because they can easily turn the tide of the battle. 

3. Earning Reputation

War Effort

Murder and destruction being the core component of this BG, each successful action will earn you some reputation with the local faction: 

  • Killing the General (+389)
  • Killing the Captain (+125)
  • Killing the Faction Lord (+125)
  • Destroying an enemy Tower (+12)
  • Killing an enemy Lieutenant or Commander (+12 each)
  • Killing a Wing Commander (+5)
  • Killing an enemy guard (+5 up to Honored)
  • Killing an enemy player (+1)

You will also earn a bonus 12 reputation for each enemy build that is destroyed (tower/bunker). At the end of the match, additional reputation bonuses can be acquired:

  • Enemy Captain killed (+36)
  • Allied Captain alive (+125)
  • Enemy Building destroyed (+24 each)
  • Enemy Lieutenants and Commanders killed (+12 each)
  • Allied Building Controled and unscathed (+12 each)
  • Graveyards controlled (+12 each)
  • Mines controlled (+12 each)

4. Alterac Valley Rewards

The rewards from Alterac Valley and its corresponding factions are often used as basic raiding gear. Remember that these can be obtained from level 51

Hero of the Frostwolf/Stormpike

Complete the introductory quest  La bataille pour Alterac (Horde) / La bataille d'Alterac (Alliance), which requires winning an Alterac Valley BG, and then complete the quest Héros des Loups-de-givre / Héros des Stormpike. These reward a rare weapon:

Reputation rewards

These can be bought within Alterac Valley or next to the instance portal in Alterac Mountains.




5. Alterac Valley PvP Trinkets

The Alterac Valley trinket grants Frost Resistance and some interesting passives for survival in the BG. Its main use however is allowing you to teleport to your main base during the BG, ideal to help protect your General.

At the end of the Proving Ground quest, you will receive the trinket’s first rank, which will improve along with your reputation with Frostwolf Clan or Stormpike Guard.

Insigne Frostwolf grade 1 / Insigne Stormpike grade 1 (Montrer sa valeur Quest reward)
Insigne Frostwolf grade 2 / Insigne Stormpike grade 2 (Friendly Reputation Reward)
Insigne Frostwolf grade 3 / Insigne Stormpike grade 3 (Honored Reputation Reward)
Insigne Frostwolf grade 4 / Insigne Stormpike grade 4 (Revered Reputation Reward)
Insigne Frostwolf grade 5 / Insigne Stormpike grade 5 (Exalted Reputation Reward)
Insigne Frostwolf grade 6 / Insigne Stormpike grade 6 (999/1000 Exalted Reputation Reward)

Note : Exalted + = Exalted at 999/1000.


Thanks to every contributor and the following sources for helping to create this guide : Zeke, Wowisclassic guild GM, Gossusha, Wowisclassic author.

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