First Aid Leveling Guide 1-300 Classic WoW

Here is the First Aid leveling 1-300 guide. Best tips for leveling your profession quickly

First Aid Leveling Guide 1-300

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Welcome to our First Aid guide for Classic version. You will find out how to get your First Aid skill up from 1 to 300.   Since First Aid does not take up one of the two profession slots, every player can get it without penalty. It's recommended to all classes!

1. Materials to powerlevel your First Aid 1-300

Here is the list of all the materials you need to powerlevel your First Aid 1-300

wow classic secourisme 1-300

2. First Aid Trainers (Alliance & Horde)

Alliance Trainers :

1-150 :

150-225 : Buy 3 books to  Deneb Walker  (Alliance)  in Arathi Highlands at Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh.

225 - 300 : Do the quest with Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen 

Horde Trainers :

1-150 :

150-225 : Buy 3 books to Balai Lok'Wein (Horde) in Dustwallow Marsh

225 - 300 : Do the quest with Doctor Gregory Victor at Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands.

3. Classic First Aid Leveling 1 - 225

First, visit any trainer in the main cities and learn First Aid.

1 - 40
50 x 
Linen Bandage - 50 Linen Cloth

40 - 80
60 x 
Heavy Linen Bandage - 120 Linen Cloth

You'll have to visit your trainer again at 75 (or 50) to be able to continue skilling up to 150.

80 -115
60 x Wool Bandage - 60 Wool Cloth

115 - 150
60 x 
Heavy Wool Bandage - 120 Wool Cloth

Learn the Silk Bandage recipe from your trainer before you leave!

Go and find Deneb Walker (Alliance) in Arathi Highlands or Balai Lok'Wein (Horde) in Dustwallow Marsh and buy the following three books: Expert First Aid - Under WrapsManual: Heavy Silk Bandage and Manual: Mageweave Bandage.

Those 3 books cost around 1Po 50 Pa. 

150 – 180
50 x Silk Bandage - 50 Silk Cloth

Once you reach 180, use the book Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage to learn how to make Heavy Silk Bandage.

180 - 210
50 x 
Heavy Silk Bandage - 100 Silk Cloth

Once you reach 210, use the book Manual: Mageweave Bandage !

210 – 225
30 x Mageweave Bandage - 30 Mageweave Cloth

4. Lvl 225 : Triage Quest for Artisan First Aid

Upon reaching a First Aid skill of 225 and level 35, you can start the Alliance Trauma / Horde Trauma quest. These quests will lead you to Triage / Triage in Arathi Highlands or Dustwallow Marsh. The reward for completing the Triage quest is Artisan First Aid.

It is a good idea to bring everything you need in order to skill up to 290, as you will need to learn several recipes later from the quest giver NPCs Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen / Doctor Gregory Victor, so bring around 100 Mageweave Cloth and 70 Runecloth with you.


Some tips to make the quest easier

  • Press V to activate the health bar over the heads of the patients.
  • Pull your camera out to third person so you can see as much of the room as possible.
  • Put the triage bandages the doctor gave you in your action bar and bind it.
  • Position yourself in the middle of the room.
  • Once you saved 15, turn in the quest immediately.
  • If you still can't finish this, team up with someone else who needs the quest and do it at the same time.

Tips: Just using that basic knowledge, you can prioritize which ones to heal first and next.

Undead patient:Critically injured patients will die after you heal 2 other patients.
Troll patient:Badly injured patients will die after you heal 4 other patients.
Orc patient:Injured patients have a long time before they die.

wow classic quest 225

5. First Aid leveling 225-300

225 - 240
30 x Mageweave Bandage - 30 Mageweave Cloth

Once you reach 240, talk to 
Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen / Doctor Gregory Victor again to obtain Heavy Mageweave Bandages.

240 – 260
30 x Heavy Mageweave Bandage - 60 Mageweave Cloth

Once you reach 260, talk to 
Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen / Doctor Gregory Victor again to obtain Runecloth Bandages.

260 – 290
50 x Runecloth Bandage - 50 Runecloth

Finally, at level 290 First Aid you can talk to 
Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen / Doctor Gregory Victor again to obtain Heavy Runecloth Bandages.

290 – 300
15 x Heavy Runecloth Bandage - 30 Runecloth

Congratulations, you reached lvl 300!

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