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Here is the Herbalism leveling 1-300 guide. Best tips for leveling your profession quickly

1. How to quickly level up your Herbalism 1-300?

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Herbalism consists of gathering plants that grow everywhere in Azeroth. It's a primary job that counts in the limit of the two professions by character. Thanks to their knowledge of the flora, herbalists have great power to find these plants. They can collect the most rarest plants that other professions can transform into various useful objects, such as the alchemist who transforms plants to create powerful potions and elixirs.

leveling herbalism guide 1-300

Any herbs will have a color code when you move your pointer over it:

  • Red: You can't gather it.
  • Orange: Difficult to gather; 100% chance of increasing Herbalism skill level.
  • Yellow: Moderately difficult to gather; moderate chance of increasing Herbalism skill level.
  • Green: Easy to gather; low chance of increasing Herbalism skill level.
  • Gray: Very easy to gather; no chance of increasing Herbalism skill level.

2. Which classes should learn Herbalism?

Everyone without exception. Most players who take this profession choose to also develop alchemy. These two works really well together since the plants gathered on the ground will be used to create potions.

You may decide to take two harvesting jobs in order to make plenty of money. If so, the Herbalism - Skinning duo is clearly the most profitable. However, you are free to choose mining if you like it. The goal is not always pure profit and picking flowers is after all quite nice ;).

Herbalism is for everyone!

herbalism class

3. Leveling Herbalism 1- 50

First, visit any trainer in the main cities. Ask a guard if you get lost, and learn Herbalism.

The Herbalism Apprentice skill will allow you to upgrade your skill to level 75. You must return to a specialized trainer to learn the next rank to continue to learn skills:

  • Apprentice - Up to level 75
  • Companion - Up to level 150
  • Expert - Up to level 225
  • Artisan - Up to level 300

For the first 70 points, you can go to any starter zone, there is not much difference between them. You can also just skip to the next part in the guide if you have a higher-level character.

You will gather the following herbs

lvl 1-50 : Horde - Tirisfal Glades

horde herbo undead

lvl 1-50 : Alliance - Elwynn Forest

alliance herb dun murogh

4. Leveling Herbalism 50 - 115

You will gather the following herbs: 

Briarthorn requires herbalism 70 and Stranglekelp requires herbalism 100, so you can't pick them right away.

lvl 50-115 : Horde -: The Barrens

horde herbo

lvl 50 - 115 : Alliance - Darkshore

alliance herbo

5. Leveling Herbalism 115-170

You will gather the following herbs: 

Kingsblood requires herbalism 125 and Liferoot requires herbalism 150, so you can't pick them right away.

You should only go to the red zone/lines after you passed 150.

Lvl 115 – 170 Horde / Alliance - Hillsbrad Foothills

horde herbo

6. Leveling Herbalism 170-205

You will gather the following herb: 

Khadgar's Whisker requires herbalism 185, so you can't pick them right away.

Lvl 170 – 205 Horde / Alliance Arathi Highlands

horde skinning

7. Leveling Herbalism 205 - 230

During 205-230, you can choose between 2 spots : Tanaris / Searing Gorge

Herbs in these zones:

Lvl 205 – 230 Horde / Alliance -Tanaris - Searing Gorge

herbo leveling guide
herbo leveling guide

8. Leveling Herbalism 230 - 270

Herbs in Hinterlands:

I maked a cave with red X, there area bunch of Ghost Mushroom in the cave but you can only pick them with herbalism skill 245.

Lvl 230 – 270 Horde / Alliance - Hinterlands

herbo leveling guide

9. Leveling Herbalism 270 - 300

Herbs in Felwood:

Lvl 270 – 300 Horde / Alliance - Felwood

herbo leveling guide

10. List of Herbs / Area

  • [Pacifique] : Starting zones, Loch Modan, Westfall, Silverpine Forest
  • [Feuillargent] : Starting zones, Loch Modan, Westfall, Silverpine Forest
  • [Terrestrine] : Starting zones,, Loch Modan, Westfall, Silverpine Forest
  • [Mage royal] : Darkshore, Wetlands, Loch Modan, Westfall, Redridge Mountains 
  • [Eglantine] : Duskwood, Darkshore, Redridge Mountains, Westfall,
  • [Doulourante] : Darkshore, Wetlands, Loch Modan, Westfall, Redridge Mountains 
  • [Sang-royal] : Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hillsbrad Foothills, Arathi.
  • [Pâlerette] : Western Plaguelands, Feralas, Strangleronce, Arathi.
  • [Moustache de Khadgar] : Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Feralas, Strangleronce, Arathi.
  • [Dorépine] : Feralas, Strangleronce, Arathi, Hinterlands, 
  • [Soleillette] : Eastern Plaguelands, Thousand Needles, Burning Steppes, Tanaris
  • [Sansam doré] : Swamp of Sorrows, Felwood, Silithus, Un’Goro.
  • [Chagrinelle] : Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands
  • [Gromsang] : Felwood, Blasted Lands, Desolace
  • [Lotus pourpre] : Felwood
  • [Feuillerêve] : Blasted Lands, Silithus, Felwood
  • Lotus noir : Eastern Plaguelands, Burning Steppes, Silithus, Winterspring

11. Congratulations, you reached lvl 300!

It’s up to you to make some money with Herbalism by selling Herbs or you can improve the Alchemy profession (here is our Alchemy leveling guide) to create some potions and sell them at the auction house to make money. 

wow classic yahou

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