Mining Leveling Guide 1-300 for Classic WoW

Here is the Mining leveling 1-300 guide for Classic WoW / Vanilla. Best tips for leveling your profession quickly

1. How to levelup quickly your Mining 1-300?

Posté le 04/06/2019

The Mining is a gathering profession that allows you to harvest the various deposits that litter the landscape and try to get raw metals and gems to create armor, weapons, jewelry, bars ... Some of the materials can even be used in quests!

guide mining 1-300 classic wow

Mining is a primary skill, which means that it counts in the limit of 2 professions that you can exercise. Keep this in mind when learning Mining, because choosing to forget this profession to learn another will force you to start from scratch if you ever want to start again.

Whether creating new objects with coarse materials or just to make money, Mining is a great skill for all classes.

Any ore will have a color code when you move your pointer over it:

  • Red: You do not have the required level.
  • Orange: Gives you a 100% chance to  increasing Minning skill level.
  • Yellow: Moderate chance of increasing Minning skill level.
  • Green: Low chance of increasing Minning skill level.
  • Gray: No chance of increasing Minning skill level.

2. Which class should learn Mining?

Which class should learn Mining? To everyone without exception. All classes can enjoy the mining when you see how much gold it can give you in auction house. But primarily, the mining is the best choice for warrior and Paladin because they couple this profession with blacksmithing to create weapons and armor during leveling.

Here are the most recommended classes for the Mining:

mining classe wow

3. Tricks / Tips

If you want to level the Mining through the fusion technique, you can level your Mining skill up to 290 without extracting a single ore!

However, it will cost you a lot of gold, but you will be able to recover most of your gold invested in the sale of bars thus melted.

The merger is a much faster and easier way to level the mining. This is preferable if you are already 60 and you have a well-filled portfolio. Otherwise, do the following when leveling your character.

First, visit any coach in the major cities. Ask a guard if needed your way and learn the Mining skill

A mining pick is required then, here we go ! Can’t mine without one !

Also, please remember that mining nodes only appear on the side of hills, cliffs, mountains etc. So your unlikely to find any ores in the great rolling plains, unless there is a small hill there.

TIPS/Optional: get the cheapest pair of gloves you can find and get them enchanted with +5 mining skill. Don’t bother with the +2 enchant as it’s not worth it. If you’re an engineer then make yourself a Goblin Mining Helmet as this will add +5 to your mining skill.

4. Leveling Mining 1-50

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth. You may just ask a guard, and learn Mining. You must return to a profession trainer in order to learn the next rank to keep getting skillups:

  • Apprentice - up to 75
  • Journeyman - up to 150
  • Expert - up to 225
  • Artisan - up to 300

In these areas, you will mainly find the following resources

lvl 1-50 : Horde - Durotar

horde skinning durotar

lvl 1-50 : Alliance - Darkshore

alliance skinning dun murogh

5. Leveling Mining 50-100

When you reach 50, return to your master to learn the «Journeyman" skill.
In these areas, you will mainly find the following resources :

lvl 50-100 : Horde - Ashenvale

horde skinning

lvl 50-100 : Horde / Alliance - Stranglethorn Vale

alliance skinning dun murogh

6. Leveling Mining 100-150

When you reach 100, return to your master and learn the skill of "Expert"
In these areas, you will mainly find the following resources:

lvl 100-150 : Horde/ Alliance - Western Plaguelands

horde skinning durotar

lvl 100-150 : Horde / Alliance - Feralas

alliance skinning dun murogh

7. Leveling Mining 150-200

So now we come the real money making stuff, Mithril. This stuff is used in such quantities by Engineering and Blacksmithing that you will always sell what you mine for a good profit.

So, where is good to get the Mithril Ore?  The greatest place to mine Mithril is the Burning Steppes. You will meet maybe some lvl 60 doing the same profession and trying to level up them mining skills you might have to fight or skip.

Stay close to the mountains and it’s better to skip the caves because there is plenty of Mithril at the corner of the map. Avoid the center (red arc) if you want to loot quickly without having PVP troubles

lvl 150 – 200 Horde / Alliance – The Burning Steppes

horde skinning

Alternatively, if the Burning Steppes is too scary because your level is not high enough or if there are a lot of PvP fights, you can go to Badlands.

lvl 150 – 200 Horde / Alliance – Badlands

Minning Badlands

8. Leveling Mining 200-300

You will stop getting skill points from Small Thorium Veins at 275, and from Rich Thorium Veins at 295. I don't know if this is a bug, or this is intended. The only way to reach 300 is to smelt Dark Iron Ore or Complete the Darkmoon Quest.

About money and profession, let’s have a look where it’s good to mine [Thorium Ore]. This is the reason you took up mining, Thorium. What a moneymaker. You are also looking to get Arcane Crystal from the rich veins, which will sell for about 20g each (depends on your server).

lvl 200– 300 Horde / Alliance – Un'Goro

horde mining

Winterspring (level 55-60) is the best place for mining Thorium.

lvl 200– 300 Horde / Alliance – Winterspring

Mining Winterspring

9. List of Ore

10. Congratulations, you reached lvl 300!

In any case you will have lived many experiences and it will have changed, you will have learned the patience and the humility, the will and the determination which will have pushed you to farm hours and hours to mount these 300 levels you will have hardened! And that's good

You now know how to exploit the soil and discover the greatest wealth that offers you Azeroth! Now: Go on a hunt for Arcane Crystal that will make you a rich man !

devilsaur skinning

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