Burning Crusade Classic: On your mounts, set, go!

After several months of waiting, to the delight of fans, the dark portal leading to Burning Crusade Classic is finally open!

Burning Crusade Classic: On your mounts, set, go!

Posté le 01/06/2021 by Kipik_WiC

In a few minutes, the Dark Portal will finally be open and we can head into Outland!

A new adventure awaits you in the company of your friends / colleagues / guildmate to climb together the next 10 levels and face new creatures even more terrifying than in Classic! Or face you this time in teams of 2/3/5 in the new PvP system: Arenas!

From the Wowisclassic team, we wish you all a good Burning Crusade Classic experience, and luck be with you for your pre-bis raid!

And as our dear Illidan would say:

                                       " You are not prepared for the queues!"

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