Classic Phase 2 Arrives November 12th

Check out the content for Classic Phase 2, get ready for new adventures!

Classic Phase 2 Arrives November 12th

Posté le 01/11/2019 by Nicou

EDIT : Blizzard has announced that Phase 2 of WoW Classic arrives on November 12th.

Great progress on Layering as well the system splitting up population by layers on a single realm we should soon have a single layer on all realms.

Find the list of Realms that currently have only one population layer, on our recent article about Layering.

Although there are no new raids in Phase 2, we will get:

  • Two new World Boss, dropping highly competitive loot;
  • A new 5-players dungeon, Dire Maul, with multiple wings;
  • The PvP honor system.

World Boss

→ Azuregos - From the Blue Dragon Flight, under the wing of Malygos. You will be able to find him in South Azshara. A Hunter quest, Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, allows you to get the excellent Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina quiver, increasing the speed of your ranged attacks by 15%.

→ Seigneur Kazzak - He leads the forces of the Burning Legion, defy him in the Blasted Lands

azuregos wow classic

Dire Maul

A new 5-players dungeon, divided into three wings: East, West, North.

You will have to venture into the jungle, in the realm of ancient ogres, by the East wing, to recover your Crescent Key. It is with this key that you will unlock the other two wings.

Each class will get various rewards including a special book that will give you a trinket suitable for your class!

The Mages will be able to learn their Conjure Water spell, Rank 7

The Warlocks & Paladins will be able to complete their epic mount quests

The Guerriers & Paladins will be able to start a serie of quests to obtain the weapon Quel'Serrar

Gear enhancements like the Arcanum of Focus can be obtained

dire maul wow classic

PvP Honor System

This upcoming feature will allow players to earn Honor Points to climb the ladder of PvP Ranks. The latter will enable special factional titles and powerful equipment as rewards to unlock.

You will compete not only against enemy players in PvP combat, but also against your allies to obtain the highest rank.

PvP Ranks range from Private / Scout to Grand Marshal / High Warlord, offering special tabards and unique potions, battle standards, and up to a full set of rare and epic gear.

While the Honor system point curve was adjusted in Patch 1.12.0 in order to allow more players into each rank bracket, we currently have no information if Phase 2 will use the initial and more stringent criteria, or the adjusted values from the later patch.

Battlegrounds are also not available until Phase 3, so the only way to accrue Honor will be through Open World PvP.

pvp system wow classic

The Keyring

We will get an additional "bag slot" containing up to 12 keys, so players don't have to stack them in their usual inventory slots. The keys are often used to open dungeons and raids, like the Key to the City or the Shadowforge Key.

What's next?

There are 6 Phases in total for WoW Classic, in approximate correlation with the Vanilla content cycle.

Take a look at our article on Classic Development Phases!

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