Best hunter guide for Classic WoW

Check out the best hunter guides for Vanilla / Classic WoW. Read our hunter guides for leveling 1-60, PVE or PVP guides and you will find a lot of tips to get the best hunter possible in Classic WoW.

hunter PvP Guide
29 oct 2019
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Hunter PvP Guide - Specs, Duel, BG, Gear

The ultimate PvP guide for Hunter. Find out the best specs, optimal rotations, macros and gear you need to become the best Hunter in Classic WoW

hunter T0 set
12 aug 2019
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Hunter T0 set

Here is the guide to get the beststalker set T0 of the Hunter at Classic WoW / Vanilla. Check out the list of all pieces, set bonuses and bosses to kill to get your hunter T0 set.

hunter pve guide wow classic
26 jul 2019
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Hunter PvE Guide - Spec, Rotation, Macros, BiS Gear

The ultimate PvE guide for Hunters. Find out about the best spec, optimized rotations, macros and desirable gear to become the best DPS Hunters in Classic WoW.

Hunter guide leveling 1-60
28 jan 2019
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Hunter guide leveling 1-60 (Tips, Spec, Rotation...)

Check out our hunter leveling guide 1-60 for Vanilla / Classic WoW to help you leveling faster. You'll find the best spec, best gear, addons, to be the first hunter lvl 60!

Hunter Guide in progress

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Hunter PVP Guide - Soon

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Why choosing the Hunter in Classic WoW?

The hunter is without exception the best leveling class of the game. With your pet who tanks for you, you can easily chain mobs unlike other classes that have to do more regen time. Moreover, the hunter does not depend on his gear to be effective, the green weapons from vendor are good enough for the leveling.

In raid, the hunter is not the leading class in terms of dps, he is overwhelmed by warriors, mage, rogue, warlock who have a much higher dps.

As far as pvp is concerned, hunters are OK because they have a lot of control, can continually attack you from far away and excel at capturing and recovering the flag in Warsong.