Classic WoW Beta is announced!

Classic WoW Beta is finally announced! Check the best news of the year about the beta!

Classic WoW Beta is announced

Posté le 14/05/2019 by Kipik_WiC

You've been waiting for all this for a while, here it is!

The WoW Classic Beta will be available from May 15, 2019

Here are the important elements of the Beta:

  • It's a closed Beta (only book for the lucky ones who will be invited by Blizzard, for that connect to your Blizzard account to activate your settings of Beta)
  • Level limit: NA for now, we will update as soon as possible.
  • You will have access only to certain areas: NA for now, we will update as soon as possible.
  • Sign up for the beta in your Blizzard account it's very important !
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Guides Update

In any case, we are looking forward to this because our team was eagerly awaiting this news to test several important points such as:

  • Macro system
  • Addon compatibility
  • Some strength / armor values
  • Sharding!
  • And many others ...

Do not hesitate to tell whant you want we test for you :-) And for all the lucky ones who have access also, see you in Azeroth!

Source: Site Blizzard

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