Demoralizing shout Threat nerf ?

Demoralizing shout Threat nerf ?

Posté le 11/09/2019 by Kipik_WiC

Blizzard will implement a patch on WoW Classic to reduce the threat generated by the warrior's "Demoralizing Shout". This allowed them to do the famous "AOE RUSH", as you probably noticed from lvl 30, the new kind of group that is formed to link the "Spell Cleave" or "War Cleave" instances?

It is partly thanks to the power of warriors and druid tanks that allow them to generate a lot of threat by spamming shouts. Blizzard has admitted that it was a bug and that it will be fixed quickly.

Blizzard blue post (Source from Blizzard Forum)

Hi All,

We have identified a fix for an issue that was causing Demoralizing Shout/Roar to generate too much threat when applied to multiple enemies. In addition, we’ve also identified a fix for a separate issue that was causing Battle Shout and most healing spells, effects, and buffs to incorrectly split the threat they generate between enemies that had members of the buffed party on their threat list.

Hotfixes for these issues are going to be deployed very soon, at which time all of these effects will match their functionality in the 1.12 reference client.

Source : Blizzard

Aoe Rush still viable?

Is it the end of "AOE Rush" in dungeon like ZF ?

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