Phase 2 : The Dire Maul dungeon will be available on October 15th

Go through the sinuous dungeon of Dire Maul, from October 15th! No less than 19 bosses will be waiting for you, in the tribal jungle of Feralas.

Phase 2 : The Dire Maul dungeon will be available on October 15th

Posté le 15/10/2019 by Nicou

EDIT : Dire Maul will be available at 10.00am PDT - Source Twitter

Ion Hazzikostas
recently shared some pretty interesting information about the future of Battle for Azeroth, but also about the upcoming content for Classic, in the latest official video!

The Dire Maul dungeon and its three wings for a total of 19 bosses, will arrive on October 16th.

Although we don't yet have a date for the other features of Classic Phase 2, the latter is still planned for late 2019, with:

  • More Realms on a single Layer
  • Two new World Bosses: Azuregos & Lord Kazzak
  • The PvP Honor feature
  • The Dire Maul dungeon

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