Wow Classic Phase 3: tonight at 0:00!

World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 arrives at 0:00am! Get ready for the update which will bring new content, but especially the release of the new raid: Blackwing Lair !

Wow Classic Phase 3: tonight at 0:00!

Posté le 13/02/2020 by Gossusha

The drums of war still reverberate over Azeroth. After decimating Ragnaros and Onyxia, long hours of battle still await adventurers: Phase 3 of WoW Classic will bring new content on February 13th at midnight!

Blackwing Lair

The long-awaited second WoW Classic Raid 40 will finally be available! Blackwing Lair is a raid under the Blackrock mountain. A real laboratory and experiment rooms, under the yoke of Nefarian (Onyxia's big brother) in the guise of Lord Victor Nefarius. His experiments have a very specific goal: to take control of Blackrock Mountain against the elemental lord Ragnaros. Don't be fooled by the adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend": Nefarius won't give you any gifts, even if you have freed the Heart of Magma from the Fire Lord.

New raid, new equipment: The T2 armor set is available for the greatest pleasure of all players (see the appearances of the different sets: Tier 2 Set Overview (Classic WoW). With a more elaborate design and closer to the nature of the classes, this is one of the most popular sets in the World of Warcraft community. It's a shame for classes that are off the beaten path, such as DPS Warriors or Chamelio, who will have to make do with a patchwerk!

More than just new weapons and armor, BWL allows you to acquire unique jewels for each class, similar to those found in Dire Maul :

For the lucky ones, you have already been able to find on the corpse of Garr and Geddon in the Heart of Magma the legendary Bindings of the Windseeker and Bindings of the Windseeker and unlock the quest to retrieve a powerful weapon. These two bonds, combined with 'Essence of the Firelord (in other words, by killing the evil and ugly Ragnaros and depriving him of his life force), allow to create the legendary Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker ; with the arrival of BWL, you can now continue your farm session and get the 10 Elementium Bar, that can be made by miners from the elementium ore found on Blackwing Lair engineers.

New Reputation Awards 

The arrival of P3 also means new rewards for the different factions in Azeroth: Silver Dawn, The Timbermaw and the Thorium Brotherhood. Originally introduced in Patch 1.6 in WoW Vanilla (the arrival of the BWL raid at the time), here are the recipes potentially available:


Silver Dawn

Enchanters will be able to indulge themselves with two new recipes available:


Here again, it is the enchanters who will be able to fill their pockets with the long-awaited Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility, while waiting for the +25 Agility version which will arrive in P5.


The Thorium Brotherhood

This time it's the blacksmiths who benefit from being known thanks to a new range of RF equipment for tanks, a new weapon and above all a superb leather belt for the Healer (BiS) made with love by the Leather Workers :

Silverwing Sentinels / Warsong Outriders

PvP players who have built up the reputation of the Warsong Gulch will be able to retrieve their items in order to optimize themselves in PvP! Don't hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to the Warsong Gulch for more information.

Eternal Quintessence

PvE players who have completed the Heart of Magma quest (Hand of the Enemy) and are revered by the Water Lords (Hydraxians) can now obtain Eternal Quintessence with Duke Hydraxis.

Level 50 Class Quests

Big morale boost for all characters who reached lvl 60 before P3: Level 50 class quests are implemented, with great rewards. Most classes, once they've spoken to their Master, will have to surrender to au Temple d'Atal'Hakkar (it is however better to complete the quest than from lvl 52 because of their difficulty, or even much later!).

These quests end with the choice of one of three powerful rare items. Here are some examples of rewards : Enamored Water Spirit for Shaman, Diamond Flask for Warrior and Devilsaur Eye for Hunter.

Darkmoon Faire

Slightly anticipated, the Darkmoon Fair is making a comeback, a veritable gathering of exoticism from all over the world and beyond: Silas Darkmoon has gathered his fairground people to celebrate the wonderful and mysterious of Azeroth. A few Heralds have already been promoting it in the capital since February 7 to invite adventurers to the festivities on February 10.

Although the fair spends most of its time in unknown regions, it stops from time to time in Mulgore and the Elwynn forest. When the fair is on its way, announcers will stop in Orgrimmar and Ironforge to announce its arrival.

The first Darkmoon Fair in WoW Classic will therefore start in early February, which means that the most daring will set off in search of the famous Darkmoon Card Suites giving access to superb jewellery once the Ace to Eight Suit has been completed and returned :

Card are already available since February 5th on enemies and dungeon bosses. A guide on this event is already being created, a little patience ;)

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