PvP Tournament coming to Faerlina - Classic WoW

TipsOutBaby is preparing a new PvP event, the Classic Dueler's League, with a total of $50,000 pool prize on the US Realm Faerlina on Classic WoW.

PvP Tournament coming to Faerlina - $50,000 Prize Pool for Season 1!

Posté le 07/10/2019 by Kipik_WiC

During the beta of Classic, TipsOutBaby had organized several duelling events that met great success, bringing more than 200,000 live viewers!

PvE content has been completed rather quickly on Classic, as many private servers, whose difficulty was higher, ran this version of World of Warcraft Vanilla. Many guilds have already completed the Molten Core & Onyxia raids, like the APES guild and their World First.

TipsOutBaby wanted to widen the field of possibilities and realized a partnership with Method to create the Classic Dueler's League; An organization that has had a record year creating successful WoW events.

Registration opened October 1st and qualifiers begin October 17th. Rules will be posted in the Classic Dueler's League Discord 

Currently, the tournament is limited to the US Realm "Faerlina", usually considered as the Streamers Realm. If these tournaments are successful, Blizzard could further support these efforts in order to grow the genre and give additional appeal to the World of Warcraft Classic landscape. Blizzard have indicated that they would be ready to support community efforts where possible.

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