World First : Ragnaros & Onyxia Down by APES

In less than a week, APES managed to kill Ragnaros and Onyxia. Congratulations to them for their World First.

Ragnaros & Onyxia Down by APES

Posté le 01/09/2019 by Kipik_WiC

Everyone was betting on the METHOD Guild for the World First, but it was APES that surprised everyone, as on the night of August 30, they killed Ragnaros with all the most HL members of their guild (between 56-60)

We can only salute the performance when we think that most of the "normal" players are now lvl 30-40.

Here is the video on down of Ragnaros by Monkeynews

Here is the Onyxia down.

Raid composition

There was no real composition strategy for their raid, APES simply took the most HL members of their guild.

  • Tank: Only 3 (including a main tank) the 2 being Tank/DPS.
  • Heal: 6 paladins and 6 priests (most of them were dwarves in order to have the racial Guardian of Fear very important for onyxia)
  • DPS: A large majority of Warrior and Mage, as well as 3 warlocks for curses.
15 of them were not lvl 60 at this down (indeed, you can enter from lvl 55 in MC).


So, what do you think? Everyone knows that WoW Classic does not have the difficulty of retail, but... Leave your opinions in comments.

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