TBC Classic talent calculator is available!

The TBC Classic talent calculator is online! Discover the new talents of Burning Crusade and the pre-Patch that will be launched at the end of Classic.

TBC Classic talent calculator is available!

Posté le 19/02/2021 by Kipik_WiC

The Wowisclassic team is proud to present you a major novelty: The TBC Classic talent calculator! In view of its arrival in the coming months, we have updated the talent calculator in another tab dedicated to TBC while keeping the Classic one for the Refresh servers.

Accessible in French and in English, you can now find out about all the new talents, but also about the modifications of the existing ones!

Here is the link to access the TBC Classic Talent Calculator

Here is the link to the Classic Talent Calculator

Some talents have been improved, others have had no change at all, and unfortunately some have been nerf. This concerns both passive and active talents.

We recommend that you take a look at these new talent trees beforehand in order to study all the new gameplay possibilities available to you for this new adventure in a brand new world: Outland!

You Are Not Prepared!

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