World of Warcraft : Classic was announced!

Claimed by many players for years; the first opus created by Blizzard in 2004 may return to the forefront. Do you think this is a good idea?

WoW Classic is officially announced for 2019!

Posté le 23/11/2017 by Kipik_WiC

During the Blizzcon 2017, the whole community was expecting the announcement of a future expansion and it is then that the Community manager of Blizzard launches the bomb "I love chocolate ice cream but I prefer the Va ... "in reference to the so-called Vanilla version.

A real homecoming that few of us really expected.

classic wow

Nostalrius, a private serveur is now closed.

All started when Blizzard asked for the closing of the famous private server Nostalrius. With no less than 800,000 created accounts, 150,000 active players and no less than 30 volunteers behind the technical structure, it's a whole universe that collapses. Some administrators were subsequently invited to Blizzard to collaborate in the creation of these famous "Legacy servers".

classic wow

Allen Brack gives some extra information when to these Vanilla servers. Thus, we learn that the experience is planned to be restored as faithfully as possible, even if some details seem unpleasant.

The example given is group buffs, which require you to regenerate your mana (almost) between each member of the buff group. The goal is, according to Blizzard, that the experience is as faithful as possible to Wow as it was in 2004.

A journey in full nostalgia that we can undertake in a few months. The wait will be long and we hope to know more about the patches and future version of this game which is already 13 years old.

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