World of Warcraft Classic Fresh Beta on October 5 !

Blizzard has shared a blog post detailing the new World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, a fresh start for Vanilla-Classic servers which will introduce many changes.

World of Warcraft Classic Fresh Beta on October 5 !

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Blizzard has shared a blog post detailing the new World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, a fresh start for Vanilla-Classic servers which will introduce changes to world buffs, leveling rates, quality of life updates, increased debuff limits, tuned up difficulty of raids, and "pre-nerf" mechanics. This new season will be shorter than the last, aiming for a 12-month cycle, with an open beta starting on October 5th.rming many theories around the recent addition of the Classic Era PTR.

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Greetings, adventurers! WoW Classic Season of Mastery is coming, giving all players a chance to start fresh and a level playing field. This time around, we’re planning #slightlymorechanges.

We will launch new WoW Classic realms for Season of Mastery. These realms will invite new and current Classic players to begin fresh at level 1 for a complete reset of WoW Classic’s content, starting again at the very beginning of the World of Warcraft saga.

What’s different in WoW Classic Season of Mastery?

As with the first release of WoW Classic, we’re planning six content release phases. In WoW Classic Season of Mastery, however, phase unlocks will happen faster. We’re planning for a 12-month cadence, with phases unlocking roughly every couple months. Here’s the current outline for the six phases:

Phase 1 (WoW Classic Season of Mastery Launch)
Molten Core
PvP Honor System and Battlegrounds (up from Phases 3 and 4)

Phase 2
Dire Maul

Phase 3
Blackwing Lair
Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon deck drops begin

Phase 4
Green Dragons

Phase 5
Ahn’Qiraj War Effort begins
Ahn’Qiraj raids open as the war effort dictates

Phase 6
Scourge Invasion
Raid Boss Updates

The original release of WoW Classic was made to re-create the difficulty and challenge of patch 1.12 from the original World of Warcraft release. While we strived to bring a faithful re-creation of that release, many raid encounters turned out to be easier than the first time around—players simply were more experienced and prepared, and patch updates greatly increased player power.

With that in mind, we’re planning a few changes to make those early raid bosses pack a bit more of a punch, and attempt to recapture the original challenge they presented. These changes currently include (but are not limited to):

World buffs (like Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer and others) disabled in Raid instances
Restoring mechanics that were removed early on to some Raid bosses
No boss debuff limit (up from 16 debuffs in WoW Classic)
Increased health on bosses, to offset player buffs and the removed debuff limit
Our intent with these changes is for this experience to feel somewhat more challenging than WoW Classic did in 2019.

Due to Season of Mastery’s faster content release cadence, we’re also planning several improvements and changes. These include:

Faster Leveling

We’re planning on increasing experience gains from what they were in the first iteration of WoW Classic. Our current plan is to set them close to what the 1-60 XP rates are in Burning Crusade Classic™ with a bigger focus on quest XP increases.

Quality of Life Updates

In addition, we’re planning on introducing certain improvements that weren’t in the original WoW Classic release, but that we think can help create a better experience, such as:

Meeting Stones converted to Summoning Stones

Increased Mining and Herbalism nodes

Realms tend to be more densely populated in WoW Classic compared to the original 2005 design. Increasing gathering node spawns should provide a more consistent economy this time around.

WoW Classic Season of Mastery will have an Open Beta beginning on October 5. We look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes and many others as we continue to iterate on them. Keep an eye on the forums for the latest developments.

Source : Blizzard

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