WoW Classic: Blizzcon 2018 review

Let's take stock together on the post Blizzcon 2018 that will have left us hungry as the wait is long now arrived at the end of the year.

Classic WoW : BlizzCon 2018 Review

Posté le 12/12/2018 by Kipik_WiC

Vanilla is back! After almost 2 years of work, the announced server version will be the 1.12: drum of war. Let's have a look at the Blizzcon 2018 review, to see waht we expect from classic WoW.

classic wow

Hot news about the BlizzCon 2018 : 

The technical team of Classic WoW is categorical, it is not currently expected to bring content after patch 1.12 or make a possible transition to The Burning Crusade. There will be no phasing or inter-server zones in Classic.

Character services are not currently planned, but services like Realm Transfers could be added in the future as discussed in past development. If Realm Transfers are ever added to Classic, there will be no transfers between WoW Classic and modern servers.

The demo is very close to final version of WoW Classic and it is a drive to try to get closer to the original version to share and share the feeling of comfort that the old players have been able to know or to make discover this universe to the new ones.

Here are some screenshoots taken on the job during the blizzcon 2018:

classic wow
classic wow

4 Stage of content in Classic WoW:

Raids will be launched by stage as it was the case a few years ago. It will avoid big guilds to clean all the content in few weeks. So it's a great news for all casuals players! You'll get a lot of time to get geared and to compete in PVP.

  • Stage 1 : MC, Onyxia, Dire Maul, Kazzak, Azuregos
  • Stage 2 : BWL, PVP system and Battlegrounds, Zul"Gurub
  • Stage 3 : AQ et Silithus, Green Dragons.
  • Stage 4 : Naxxramas
raid wow classic

What won't be in Classic WoW:

As you can see below, Blizzard gave us a lot of information about "What won't be in Classic WoW", like Dungeon finder, cros-realm grouping and so on...

raid wow classic
raid wow classic

Here are the features that will not be in World of Warcraft Classic:

This list is not exhaustive :

  • Absence of Paladin in the Horde and Shaman in the Alliance.
  • Absence of professions Jeweler, Calligraph, Archaeologist.
  • Absence of flying mounts that can be steered by the player or aquatic mounts.
  • Absence of arenas.
  • Absence of guild banks.
  • Absence of the equipment manager.
  • No cross-realm mode.
  • No group search.
  • No quest help system.
  • Absence of mascot fights.
  • No dungeon challenge mode.
  • Lack of zone loot. Each mob need to be loot.
  • Absence of the fief.
  • Absence of heritage gear.

To sum up, there is a lot of good news! As soon as we will get any officials news, we will let you know! Stay tuned guys.

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