WoW Classic : Patch 1.12

Blizzard give us the patch that will be used for Classic WoW.

WoW Classic : Version 1.12

Posté le 25/07/2018 by Kipik_WiC

We know a little more today. The Blizzard’s communication is relatively slow but leaks are emerging and little by little is taking shape of our long-awaited game.

wow classic 1.12

Even if we have almost no news, developers gave us a little bit today.

Blogs and forums are subject to more and more delusional speculation and debate around the version that will be used to launch this new platform.

It will appear that the update 1.12: Drum of war will be the one that you will find for your return to your favorite game.

The most balanced patch in Vanilla

It is one of the last updates that Blizzard did. The class balance in PVP has been made, you will also find there for the first time the possibility of playing against players of other servers in the battlefields.

PVE side, the instance of Maraudon will be present also for Dire Maul, the den of the black wing and Zul'Gurub will also participate. You can plunge into the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj as well as in the necropolis of Naxxramas which was deployed in version 1.11.

This information will make a lot of player happy. 14 years later, people around the world will be delighted to replay their first MMORPG because in 2004, this kind of gameplay was still unknown to Europeans.

Be patient! The launch is still expected for 2019. We hear that there will be even talk of launching this project during the summer. If so, prepare your USB fans because summer will be hot, summer will be hot ...

wow classic 1.12

Specific content of Classic WoW 1.12:

Version 1.12 of World of Warcraft has some specifics that developers want to save to keep the experience as authentic as possible.

  • Debuff Limit: In version 1.12 of WoW Vanilla, debuff limit was 16. It was a technical limit at the time, but it is kept. Indeed, extending this limit modifies the gaming experience, especially in PvP for example.
  • Mail box restriction: WoW Vanilla had to wait an hour to receive mail, even when both players were in the same guild. This restriction is also preserved.
  • Loot Exchange: A 2 hour period has been set up to exchange loot. Before that, you had to make a GM request, which could take some time. In order to make the life of the players easier, this possibility of loot exchange is added in WoW Classic.
  • Energy Regeneration: The rogue's Energy Regeneration System has evolved a lot since WoW Vanilla. However, these changes also have an impact on the gameplay, the regeneration of energy is therefore identical to that of the patch 1.12.
  • AddOns: Blizzard said the majority of current addOns would be compatible with WoW Classic. Only addOns affecting the gaming experience are prohibited.

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