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Here is the Engineering leveling 1-300 guide. Best tips for leveling your profession quickly

1. How to quickly level up your Engineering 1-300 ?

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Engineering is the funniest profession, with a large number of gadgets providing unique utility. Engineering is a strong profession for DPS classes, especially for Hunters, and the go-to profession for PvP.

If you want to rush PvP and go top rank 14, you have to choose this profession!

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leveling engineering guide 1-300

Any craft  will have a color code :

  • Orange: 100% chance of increasing skill level.
  • Yellow: Moderate chance of increasing skill level.
  • Green: Low chance of increasing skill level.
  • Gray: No chance of increasing skill level.

2. Which classes should choose Engineering ?

Mainly PVP oriented, engineering is suitable for everyone without exception. All classes can enjoy stun grenades such as Thorium Grenade which are a major source of aoe damage and will save you in many situations!

Engineering is for everyone!

engineering guide wow classic

3. Materials required for leveling Engineering 1-300:

Here is the list of all the materials you need to powerlevel your engineering 1-300.




 [Rough Stone]


 [Copper Bar]


 [Coarse Stone]


 [Linen Cloth]


 [Bronze Bar]




 [Heavy Stone]


 [Wool Cloth]


 [Medium Leather]


 [Solid Stone]


 [Mithril Bar]


 [Mageweave Cloth]


 [Dense Stone]


 [Thorium Bar]



4. Leveling Engineering 1-300

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of Azeroth. You may just ask a guard, and learn Engineering. Once it’s done, you can buy a Blacksmithing Hammer from the Blacksmith supply vendor, it's near a Blacksmithing trainer usually. Learn Apprentice - up to 75.

You must return to a profession trainer in order to learn the next rank to keep increasing your skill:

  • Apprentice - up to 75
  • Journeyman - up to 150
  • Expert - up to 225
  • Artisan - up to 300

However, for the "Expert" and "Artisant" skills, only 1 master is able to help you progress.

For the "Expert" skill, go to Roxxik in Orgrimmar listed Horde, and Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge for the Alliance.

For the "Artisant" skill go to Buzzek Bracketswing in Gadgetzan in Tanaris for the Horde and the Alliance.

Create 60 
[Rough Blasting Powder] :

You might even reach 40 with this recipe. You will need the 60 Rough Blasting Powder later, so keep these.

Create 30
[Handful of Copper Bolts] :

You will need around 30 of these later.

Create 30 
[Rough Copper Bomb] :

Make your [Arclight Spanner] between 50-70 and keep it because you will need it later.

Create 20 
[Coarse Blasting Powder] :

You will need 20 of these later.

Create 20 x [Coarse Dynamite] :

Create 13 
[Clockwork Box] :

Use the 
[Clockwork Box] you made.

Create 5
[Flying Tiger Goggles] :

130-150Create 3 [Heavy Blasting Powder] :

Create 15 [Whirring Bronze Gizmo] :

You’ll need this component later. If you do so, you should reach 150 skill point.

Create 15 [Bronze Framework] 

Create 15 [Explosive Sheep] :

Keep 5 of these, you might need them if you choose Goblin Engineering at 200.

Create 60
[Solid Blasting Powder] :

Save these because you will need them later.

Create 7 [Mithril Tube] :

Create 20 [Unstable Trigger] :

Save these because you will need them later.

216 - 250
Create 40 
[Mithril Casing] :

You will need these later.

250 - 260
Create 20 [Dense Blasting Powder] :

You might need to make more than 20 to reach 260.

260 - 285
Create 25
[Thorium Widget] :

This recipe will be yellow for the last few points, so you might not reach 285. But you can just go to the next step. (you have to make a bit more from the next recipe)

285 - 300
Create 20
[Thorium Tube] :

5. Goblin and Gnome Engineering :

Engineering has the option at level 30 and 200 skill points to specialize in Gnome or Goblin Engineering. You can get the quests from your Engineering trainer. The main difference between both sides is the teleporters and the ability of their trinkets. Some items require a specific specialization to use, while other items are crafted by one specialization but are usable by any engineer.

Hopefully, most recipes that are crafted by one Specialization can be used by the other.

  • For the Gnome specialization: Meet at Undercity in the Rogue Quarter and talk to Graham Van Talen for the Horde, and at Ironforge with Master Craftsman Overspark for the Alliance.
  • For the Goblin specialization: Go to Undercity in Rogue Quarter and talk to Graham Van Talen for the Horde, and to Gadgetzan with Nixx Sprocketspring for the Alliance

Notable Gnomish Engineering items:

Notable Goblin Engineering items:

6. Congratulations, you reached lvl 300!

Now, you can craft all the items you need to kick-ass in PvP, like the best grenade :Thorium Grenade

You can also craft trinkets that reflect enemy attacks like the Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector for Frost Mage, the Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector for the fire mages / warlocks and Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector for warlocks too!

Last but not least: Goblin Rocket Helmet for the Goblin Engineering and Gnome for Gnomish Engineering

engineering guide wow classic

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