Druid Guide Leveling 1-60 for Classic WoW

Check out our druid leveling guide 1-60 for Vanilla / Classic WoW to help you leveling faster. You'll find the best spec, best gear, addons, to be the first warlock lvl 60!

1. Druid class overview

Druids are hyper efficient Tier 1 levelers with low gear dependance and the highest movement speed in the game. Druids have excellent starting area progression in a Fresh Realm Environment due to the reduced congestion of both Mulgore and Teldrassil.

At level 10, Druids get a big power spike through Bear Form allowing them to kill faster with indefinite sustain. Druids get Cat Form at level 20 and soon after 2/2 Improved Cat Form, giving them an astounding 30% static movement speed increase when outdoors. This speed is incredibly valuable early on, and when paired with the ability to Self Heal and Prowl (Stealth), offer Druids advantages that no other class have.

classic wow druid leveling

Druids are capable of competently performing as a Tank, DPS, or Healer throughout the entirety of the leveling process. Bear Tanks have easy, on demand, high threat AoE in the form of Swipe and threat generation that is multiplicative as opposed to additive.

Cat DPS is quite strong during the leveling stages and offers great group utility in the form of a combat Battle Rez, off Heals, off Tanking and more. As Healers, Druids are best utilized alongside another member of the party that can freely resurrect as they are restricted to Rebirth, primarily a battle rez on a long cooldown. Druids really shine when it comes to questing more so than grinding as it makes the best use of their increased movement speed, finesse with Stealth, and Single Target damage.

Druids are one of the most underrated and underrepresented classes in Classic but don’t be fooled by the supposed “Hybrid Tax”. In the right hands Druids are highly capable in every aspect the game has to offer and I highly recommend giving them a shot.

Druid strenghts

  • Tier 1 Leveling Speed
  • Highest Movement Speed in the Game
  • Amazing Questers
  • Low Gear Dependance
  • High Sustain
  • Strong Self Healing
  • Decent Crowd Control
  • Can Tank, DPS, or Heal
  • Can Stealth
  • Forms offer Dynamic Gameplay
  • Hard to kill in Open World PvP

Druid weaknesses

  • Slow Start from Lvls 1-10
  • Mediocre ST Kill Speed 40+
  • Subpar Grinding Efficiency
  • No “Regular” Resurrection.

2. Best race for druid in classic wow

Here is our selection of the best druid race in wow classic for PVE or PVP.

Alliance PVE & PVP : Night Elf

Nature resistances +10, Wisp Spirit (+50% speed upon death), Quickness (+1% dodge), Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence.

Horde PVE & PVP : Tauren

Cultivation (Herbalism +15), Endurance (HP +5%), Nature Resistance (Nature Resistance +10), War Stomp (Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec).

3. General Tips for leveling a druid

Here are some tips to progress quickly during your leveling as druid in classic wow.

  • Ideally you should kill mobs of the same level, as they grant 100% of their base XP reward values. If a mob is 1 level higher you will gain only a portion of its base XP reward value. This effect also works in reverse and even more dramatically. If you are killing a mob that is even 1 level below, you will gain 10-20% less xp.
  • Front Load Spells / Abilities to get natural mana regeneration per the 5 second rule ticking again ASAP, then finish mobs with white damage.
  • Push the limits of your combat efficiency. If you are at full Health or Mana you are likely misplaying. Chain pull more aggressively, take more calculated risks, expend more resources per kill, do whatever it takes to keep things regenerating and on cooldown.
  • Be adaptive with your damage rotation cycle - this is true for all classes. Think on your feet as your rotation will vary at different stages of the game based on a number of variables such as what ranks of spells / abilities do you have, mob lvl, mob abilities, armor / resistance, total hit points etc.
  • Keep your Food + First Aid up to date!
wow classic druid leveling

Druid combat rotation (from lvl 10)

Spend a burst of mana on damage or healing then swap to animal form and engage your target(s). Your mana will start to naturally regenerate even while you use abilities in Cat / Bear since these abilities cost Rage or Energy. It is vitally important that this mana regeneration is tracked by way of an addon such as Druid Bar.

Continue to engage and kill targets, usually 2-3 until your mana is close to being 100% again. As it’s nearing 100%, pop out of animal form back into to caster form.

At this point you want to spend your mana again on something productive. You can spend it on damage to your next target through Wrath / Moonfire, Roll a couple HotS, or even just Re-buff yourself. Swap back to animal form - Rinse and Repeat.

Animal Form
Your mana will continue to regenerate naturally while in animal forms. Rage or energy based abilities will not prevent mana per the 5 second rule to be interrupted.

Teleport : Moonglade
Use Teleport Moonglade as a second Hearthstone. Set your Hearthstone to wherever you are questing, then Teleport Moonglade when you need to go back to a major city for training

Bear Form
Bear Form is incredibly strong at all stages of the leveling experience. By sitting in Bear form in potentially dangerous areas you shave off a minor amount of kill speed for a dramatic increase in survivability.

Healing Touch
Rank 4 Healing Touch is the most mana efficient healing spell in the game.

Warning : Only Outdoors
Entangling Roots and Travel Form are only usable Outdoors.

Talent Furor
5/5 Furor will allow you to swap Bear and immediately have enough rage to charge, making Feral Charge a much much better tool.

Leveling Speed Equation:

Leveling Speed can be broken down into three pieces: Travel Time, In Combat Time, and Out of Combat Time (Regen). The sum of these three pieces equates to your leveling speed.

  • Travel Time refers to the time you spend moving from objective to objective out in the open world.
  • In Combat Time is the amount of time you spend fighting.
  • Out of Combat Time refers to the amount of mandatory time you spend recovering eating, drinking, healing, bandaging, etc.

Travel Time is what you will be doing the most of, thus talents or abilities that increase movement speed will likely have the highest impact on leveling speed. That's why druid is a T1 leveling class.

travel form classic wow

The more important concept is this: Shaving off seconds of downtime between pulls is equally valuable to shaving off seconds of In Combat Time. When you think about it this way, Damage Mitigation and Regenerative talents / abilities / stats have almost offensive properties and should potentially be valued equally to stats that increase damage.

leveling speed equation

4.Druid's addons

Here is the best addons list for leveling a druid:

Druid Bar / Druid Mana Bar <- Click for Link to Addon(s)

Movable mana bar that keeps track of your current mana, even in a shapeshifted form like bear or cat. This is super important.

XP / Hr  Tracker <- Click for Link to Addon

Track your leveling efficiency with precision. You will have insights such as EPH (XP / Hour), EPM (XP / Minute), and Average XP per kill.

Outfitter <- Click for Link to Addon

Addon allows you to swap gear back and forth easily. This is useful for switching into your Spirit Set between combat to reduce regeneration downtime.

Energy Tracker <- Click for Link to Addon

Addon that tracks ticks in your energy regeneration.

5. Druid leveling macros

You will need the addon ***SUPERMACRO***  (http://addons.us.to/addon/supermacro) or It will depend on how Blizzard fix the addons in the new Classic version.

Start Attack MacrosWhy are Start Attack Macros Important?

Start Attack Macros are important so you don’t have to manually right click mobs to attack them. You bake them into your abilities as a macro so even if you don’t have enough rage to use an ability such as Shred you will still attack the target.

The issue is /startattack commands don’t work in Classic so you have to set them up in a weird way using a script.

Place your Auto Attack on Inventory Slot ID 24 which should be the right most slot on your hidden action bar #2 (The one you accidentally shift into). Then plug the ability you want into the example macro to the right.

Example Start Attack Macro:
/cast Shred
/script if not IsCurrentAction(24) then UseAction(24) end;

macro druid wow classic

Take a look the follow macros that most of legendary druid are using usually.

Travel/ aquatic form : If on land, casts/cancels travel form; if in water, casts/cancels aquatic form 
/unshift [stance:1/2/3/4]
/unbuff Nightsaber
/unbuff Frostsaber
/script if not buffed("Travel Form") then cast("Travel Form") end
/script if not buffed("Aquatic Form") then cast("Aquatic Form") end
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Ravage / Shred: If using prowl, casts ravage; otherwise, casts shred
/run if 1==0 then CastSpellByName("Shred");end
/cast [stealth] ravage; [nostealth] shred
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Bear form/ feral charge/ bash : Exits all forms that aren't dire bear form / Enters dire bear form if you're out of all forms / Casts feral charge if in range / Casts bash if in range:
/run if 1==0 then CastSpellByName("feral charge"); end
/unshift [stance:2/3/4]
/unbuff Nightsaber
/unbuff Frostsaber
/cast [stance:0] dire bear form; [stance:1] feral charge
/cast [stance:1] bash
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

6. Best leveling spec for druid

From lvl 10 to 20, The Flat damage increase through Natural Weapons will provide better pound for pound value then the rage reduction of Ferocity in Feral Combat. Also, a fast Nature’s Grasp can help increase survivability.

Lvl 10 - 19 : Spec Balance 10/0/0

wow classic druide leveling

Here is the order for choosing your talents from lvl 10 to lvl 19 (from left to right)

wow classic druide leveling

Once you hit lvl20, it's time to boost your leveling EXP rate / hours, by using the new "cat form". Respec at 20: proceed as Follows through Feral Tree :

Lvl 20-60 : Spec Feral 14/32/05

wow classic druide leveling

Here is the order for choosing your talents from lvl 10 to lvl 60 (from left to right)

wow classic druide leveling

7. DPS Rotation for leveling a druid

Leveling 1-10

  • Mediocre leveling speed in this bracket. Front load spells, usually 1-2 Wraths followed by Melee animation cancel into Moonfire, then finish mobs with melee attacks to get natural mana regeneration ticking again ASAP.  
  • Moonfire or Rejuv immediately after your melee auto attack connects as you can cast these instants without delaying your next swing more than a .1 or .2s.
  • You will primarily use Healing touch to recover at this stage as you get Regrowth at 10. Rejuvenation should be front loaded right after a casted ability.
  • To survive and kill multiple mobs focus all mana usage on burst healing, then auto attacking for a while to regen letting thorns slowly widdle mobs down. Rinse and repeat.

Here is the single target cycle of dps to respect for these levels

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Multi-target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Lvl 10 : Alliance Bear Form Quest

Once lvl 10, it's time to do the bear form quest.

Lorem ipsum

1. Start Quest at Kal the Druid Trainer in Dolanaar, Teldrassil (Coords 56,60).
2. Go to Darnassus, set your Hearthstone there, then talk to Mathrengyl (Coords 35, 8).
3. Teleport Moonglade and talk to Dendrite Starblaze (Coords 56,29).
4. Talk to the Great Bear Spirit to the left of the building (Coords 38.7, 27.2).
5. Hearthstone back to Darnassus and talk to Mathrengyl (Coords 35, 8).
6. He will send you to fight a Moonkin named Lunaclaw in Auberdine.
7. To find the Moonkin Stone, go to a cave in Darkshore east of Auberdine ( Coords 43 , 61)
8. Go back to Mathrengyl in Darnassus and get Bear Form (Coords 35, 8)!

Lvl 10 : Horde Bear Form Quest

Once lvl 10, it's time to do the bear form quest.

Lorem ipsum

1. Start Quest at Gennia Runetotem, Druid trainer in Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore (Coords 50,62)
2. Go to Thunder Bluff, set your Hearthstone there, talk to Turak Runetotem (Coords 75, 27).
3. Teleport Moonglade and talk to Dendrite Starblaze (Coords 56,29).
4. Talk to the Great Bear Spirit to the left of the building (Coords 38.7, 27.2).
5. Hearthstone back to Thunder Bluff and talk to Turak Runetotem (Coords 75, 27).
6. He will send you to fight a Moonkin named Lunaclaw in the Barrens.
7. To find the Moonkin Stone, take the road from Mulgore to the Barrens ( Coords 41.9 , 60.9)
8. Go back to Turak Runetotem in Thunder Bluff and get Bear Form (Coords 75, 27)!

Leveling 10-20

  • Big power spike in leveling speed at level 10 when Bear Form comes online. Maul does pretty high damage and should be used over Swipe even when fighting 2+ mobs. You can use Swipe if you have excess rage and you are fighting 3+.
  • Against a Single Targets use Enrage on CD as the downside of 27% Base Armor Reduction is negligible. Consider pooling rage and interrupting with Bash when against caster mobs.  
  • Against Multiple Targets forego using Enrage as your added damage vs damage taken is likely no longer efficient. Instead use Demoralizing Roar against 2+ mobs to decrease enemy Attack Power.

Single target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Multi-target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Leveling 20-31

  • While you get Cat Form at 20, there will be many instances in this level bracket where it’s preferable to sit in Bear Form. One reason is that you don’t have an efficient finisher for your combo points in Cat Form at stage and don’t even get Shred till 22. Secondly, you are penalized more swapping from Caster to Cat than Caster to Bear as you start with potentially 0 energy as Furor isnt 5/5 till 27.
  • At 24 you get Rake. At this point you should start opening with it as your first combo point.
  • 26+ use Dash on Cooldown for 50% speed increase when you know you will be running for 15 seconds straight. You also get Travel Form at 30 and this should be used whenever out of combat moving to and from objectives.

Single target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Multi-target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Leveling 32-60

  • You get Faerie Fire (Feral) at 31 and Ferocious Bite at 32 which is your first efficient finisher to use with your combo points. Claw / Shred to 4 combo points then Ferocious Bite.
  • Cat Form really starts to shine once Feral Faerie Fire and Ferocious Bite come online and should be prioritized more.
  • You get Pounce at 36 offering you a 2 second stunlock opener if need be.

Single target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

Multi-target rotation:

druid leveling classic wow rotation

8. Stat priority for leveling a druid

While stacking Strength at first glance might seem better than Agility, at low levels the AP gained from stats doesn’t translate very well into faster kill speed. The AP power curve is linear requiring substantial amounts of AP to go from let’s say: 12 hits to kill a mob to 11 hits.

14 AP = 7 Strength = 14 Agi = 1 DPS

At least by stacking crit you can sometimes get lucky and get occasional high tempo burst damage. Crit also becomes significantly more valuable once Blood Frenzy talents comes online.

druid gear vanilla

Priority: Agi > Strength > Stamina > Intellect > Spirit

Stamina’s effect on a Druid in all forms:
Increases Hit Points by 10 per 1 point of Stamina.

Strength’s effect on both Cat Form and Bear Form:
Increases Attack Power by 2 per 1 point of Strength.

Agility’s effect on both Cat Form and Bear Form:
Increases Druid’s Cat Form Attack Power by 1 per point of Agility. 20 Agility is equal to 1% Crit and 1% Dodge. In Bear Form Agility doesn’t provide Attack Power.

Intellect: Increases Mana by 15 Points per 1 point of Intellect.

Spirit: Increases Out of Combat Health / Mana Regen Rate

9. Best gear for leveling as druid

Tunic of Westfall - Chest -Lvl 14 - Dungeon Quest Reward “The Defias Brotherhood” Deadmines

Triprunner Dungarees - Pants - Lvl 25 - Dungeon Quest Reward “The Grand Betrayal” Gnomeregan

Loksey’s Training Stick - Staff - Lvl 31 - 10% Drop off Houndmaster Loksey Scarlet Monastery

Ironshod Bludgeon - Staff - Lvl 37 - 20% Drop off Ironaya in Uldaman

Mason’s Fraternity Ring - Ring - Lvl 40 - Dungeon Quest Reward “Divino-matic Rod” Zul’Farrak

Wolfshead Helm - Head - Lvl 40 - Crafted by Leatherworkers - Great for Powershifting

Warden Staff - Staff - Lvl 43 - BoE Epic Weapon .025% Chance World Drop

Devilsaur Gauntlets - Hands - Lvl 53 - BoE Rare Crafted by Leatherworkers

Devilsaur Leggings - Legs - Lvl 55 - BoE Rare Crafted by Leatherworkers

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