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Elysium Alliance

15 Aug
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Open for all classes

About us

    Elysium is a guild created by Wow veterans back in Vanilla in the server Defias Brotherhood. After Blizzard announced Classic, we got hyped and decided to return back and resurrect Elysium once more for a last dance. The core of the guild is filled with experienced WoW Players, willing to play the game once more together with new friends and enjoy every aspect and element of the game. However, most of us are not so young anymore and for that reason we are not able to play that hard core as in the past. Time is merciless for everyone.

    Our guild is open to every kind of players and we accept every class and spec. We are not gonna compete for server first kills, we don't have to prove anything to the game any more. We competed and cleared everything back in time when it matter.


    Everyone is important and useful. New players, old dogs, pvp or pve enthusiasts and even role players you are more than welcome to our family.

    Until the Classic release, we will chill daily in our discord server discussing about classic and preparing and organizing things. If you liked what you read, feel free to join us and learn more about us.

Our goals

   <Raid Schedule>

    We will Raid 2 times per week, Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 CET ( time might change to 21:00 depending on what the players will prefer when the game comes) with an optional 3rd raid if we find necessary and >90% people want to. That said don't take us wrong, we aim to be one of the best guilds as we always are everywhere we play but in our way.

Who we’re looking for

    <What we offer>
* Experienced and Strong leadership

* Non Elitist Behavior

* Friendly Environment

* Stable Structure and Community

* New Players Friendly Guild

* Family

    <What we ask>     

* Serious Players

* Respect to the Guild

* Team Workers

* Friendly People

* Non Elitist Jerks

* Family Members

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