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Made in Denmark Alliance

28 Apr
EN-PvP Shazzrah
Primary activity



PvE Progress

Onyxia Onyxia
Molten Core Molten Core
Blackwing Lair Blackwing Lair


Number of players: 38

Open for all classes

About us

<Made in Denmark> Semi-Harcore (10/10 MC, 1/1 Ony & 8/8 BWL) – Alliance - Shazzrah EU
As the name states, we’re a Danish guild, however, we’ve decided to open up our doors towards international members. At the moment we're 40% international.

We’re a Semi-Harcore guild. We're also a very chill and cosy guild, which has a focus on everything from the social aspect, to the actual raids. We use Warcraftlogs for our raids, to help people perform better. We have an experienced officer core which takes care of everything. Doing buff trains, so getting world buffs is nice and smooth with warlock summons everywhere. So that the only thing you have to focus on is coming and enjoying your time together with us, and of course to get some loot. We make sure that everyone gets a say in things, and we always include people’s opinions before we decide on something.

What can you expect from us?:
• A nice community with a lot of activity.
• A nice core raid team.
• A nice second raid team (Raiding Saturdays at 19:00 ST).

Main Team clear times:  At the moment we clear Molten Core in 49min. We don’t aim for insane speed clears, however, we also don’t want to waste people’s time, so we make sure we have a good balance of speed and a nice time. BWL is cleared in around an hour, however, we'll be going a little harder and getting a 45-50 min clear within the next week or two. We clear BWL, MC and ZG within 3 hours total.

Raid Times: Sunday 18:30-23:00 ST (Core team)

Loot system: DKP
If you got any questions, or if you want to join us, then please feel free to contact me in-game (Simplyofc), or add me on SimplyzYNC#9967. Otherwise, you can catch us here on our discord:

Our goals

Our goals are to improve. To help people improve we have very talented and well-performing class officers that will help you push and compete as a top parser within your class.

As for the content, our goals are to clear everything as smooth and clean as possible. We don't want to go full hardcore and "speedrun" the content because that will in time remove the fun aspect of it. Which is an aspect that we have a big focus on.

Who we’re looking for

• Feral Druid: High
• Warrior (Fury): High

- We will always consider exceptional players of all classes since our raid spots are competitive.
- Socials are of course also welcome!

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