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Wowisclassic - Addons Pack 1.13.4

Addons Pack
April 14, 2020
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Here is the Wowisclassic Addons Starter Pack

Do you want to get the essential WoW Classic addons without having to search for them or compare them? 

Our Addon Starter Pack is here to help you. In one click, you will get the complete package of the best addons to start the WoW Classic adventure. 

We have decided to add only the most essential addons to this pack, in order to keep the interface clear and useful. This represents a base of addons that you can expand later.

In order to make your life easier, we have made a selection of the best addons in each category (Bag, combat, map, action bar etc...). 

This add-on package will be perfect for your entire 1-60 leveling journey, whether in PvP or PvE. The best of the best in a way.


Economy :


This add-on allows you to facilitate the sale of your items at the auction house, to sell by pack and above all to follow the price course. So as soon as you loot an item, you will immediately know if it is better to sell it to the NPC or to the auction house.



Combined with Auctionator, it displays directly the selling price to the NPC of the object in your bags or that you have just looted.


User Interface :


Displays immediately the class of your target, very useful in PvP.



Improves the display of your map with very interesting features: 

  • Possibility to reduce the size of the map so that it is not in full screen.
  • Allow to reduce opacity when moving with the open map.
  • Displays "undiscovered" zones.
  • Etc.


Sticks the tooltips on the mouse and improves the display to add useful informations.

Small Bonus, we have added Titan Panel for a visual comfort of management of your session.




Displays the cast bar of your target. A Must-Have in PvP and also useful in PvE.


Details !

The most powerful, reliable and beautiful damage and heal counter. Whether for your groups during dungeons / raids or even solo.



Neat Plates is an addon that improves the basic wow namesplates, by adding :

  • The colors according to the classes.
  • The debuffs.
  • Combo points.
  • Threat.
  • Lots of different styles.
  • Etc.


It is an addon that allows you to track the incantation time of your "self attack" and those of your target. A must have in PvP / PvE for self attack DPS classes such as Warrior, hunters, shaman etc.




A very known and useful addon to improve your action bars, group them, move them, enlarge them, modify shortcuts very easily, etc.



Combined with Dominos, you can see the cooldown of your spells.




Group all your bags into one large bag, very convenient for searching for items without having to open each bag.




The most popular addon to help you in WoW Classic quests. Displays icons on the map and NPCs for quest taking, mobs areas to kill to complete your current quests (Minimap + Map) etc.




Display the list of all loots for each WoW Classic boss. Perfect to find which boss to farm to get the item of your dreams, or just to see if an instance is interesting to do during leveling based on the loots.  



This addon allows you to pick up items as quickly as possible!

The loots window then becomes invisible when the automatic lock is activated for a smooth experience and game comfort.



This addon pack is really a basic package for anyone who wants to improve their WoW Classic experience with addons.

We have selected stable and reliable addons over time, in order to keep this pack up to date regularly.

In addition, it is a "light" pack that will not overload your interface with useless things (on the contrary, it is made to help you 😉)

Thanks to this basic package, you will now be able to add other addons gradually according to your needs, such as DBM for example or class specific addons (NugEnergy etc...)

If you have problems with some addons in this pack, don't be afraid to report the bugs in comments.

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