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ItemRack Classic

Bags & Inventory
July 8, 2020
Installation help
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Quick Start Guide

Addon to make swapping equipment easier through popout slot menus, equip slot buttons, gear sets and automated swaps.  

Minimap button:

Right-click the minimap button to open options or create sets

Left-click the minimap button to choose a set

Shift-click the minimap button to unequip the last set equipped

Alt-click the minimap button to toggle events on/off  

Dockable buttons:

Alt+click slots on the character sheet to create/remove buttons

Alt+click yourself in the character sheet to create/remove a set button

Alt+click the created buttons to toggle their auto-queue status

Shift+drag buttons to break them apart if they're docked to each other Drag the menu's border around to dock it to a different side of buttons

Right-click the menu's border to rotate the menu Size, alpha, spacing, etc are in options  

Creating/equipping sets:

You create sets in the Sets tab after right-clicking the minimap button.

Select slots for the set, choose a name and icon and click Save Once a set is saved, there are several ways to equip it:

1. Left-click the minimap button and choose the set

2. Mouseover a set button you've created (Alt+click yourself in character sheet)

3. Use a key binding you define in the set ("Bind Key" button)

4. In macros with /itemrack equip setname

5. In events or scripts that use EquipSet("setname")  

Popout menus:

Click an item or set in a menu to equip it

Shift+click a set in a menu to unequip it

Alt+click an item in a menu to hide/unhide it Hold

Alt as you mouseover a slot to show all hidden items  

While at a bank: Items/sets in the bank have a blue border.  

Slash Commands:

/itemrack : list the most common slash commands

/itemrack opt : summon the options GUI

/itemrack equip setname : equips a set

/itemrack reset : resets buttons

/itemrack reset everything : wipes all settings, sets and events

/itemrack lock/unlock : locks and unlocks the buttons

/itemrack toggle set name[, second set name] : equips/unequips "set name" (or swaps between two sets if a second set given)

Credits & thanks

Author: styx616

Link: ItemRack


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