Mage T0 Set Guide for Classic WoW

Here is the guide to get T0 set for Mage in Classic WoW

1. What's T0 set?

Posté le 22/05/2019

You have to start somewhere, and these sets are by far the most interesting before going shopping at AQ20, ZG, MC or BWL ... Getting your T0 set before level 60 is a good start to enjoy raiding.

if you want to find the best gear, check out our pre-raid BiS guide : Here

t0 Mage wow classic

However, nothing prevents a shadow priest to get the set of the mage , or a shaman to get the set of the hunter, if he finds this one more appropriate according to the way he plays.

But be sur to draw the dice only if you have clarified the situation with those involved before (at the beginning of the dungeon).

Quick lens with the complete set!

t0 priest wow classic

Ps: For all classes, the main parts of each set are on the same boss, namely:

  • Leggings: the Baron Rivendare of Stratholme.
  • Helmet: the Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance.
  • Chest: General Drakkisath of the Blackrock Peak (upper part). 

2. Mage : 8 pieces of T0

Here is the list of all the pieces of the Mage's T0 set with the corresponding bosses:

  • casque  : Loot on Sombre Maître Gandling in Scholomance (7%)
  • epau  : Loot on Ras Frostwhisper in Scholomance (11%)
  • robe  : Loot on Général Drakkisath in UBRS (6%)
  • bracelet  : Loot on Langue de feu de la Griffe enragée au Hall de Blackhand (3%)
  • gants  : Loot on Docteur Theolen Krastinov in Scholomance (6%)
  • ceinture  : Loot on Mage de bataille cramoisi in Stratholme (2%)
  • botte  : Loot on Chanteloge Forrestin (7%) and Postmaster Malown in Stratholme (8%)
  • jambe : Loot on Baron Rivendare in Stratholme (5%)

3. Mage : Bonus Set T0

This set offers enough intellect and spirit to bring to the mage a significant boost of damage.

However, on the contrary the warlock set for example will have much less intelligence but will be compensated with more of endurance. These stats have been introduced in this way because of the Life Tap spell.

Let's get together what's waiting for you with a total of the set's bonuses as well as the additional bonuses accumulating according to the number of pieces you have equipped on you.


  • +66 Stamina
  • +167 Intellect
  • +79 Spirit
  • Amor 491 

Stats du Set :

  • 2 pieces: +200 Armor
  • 4 pieces: Increases damage and healing done by magic spells and effects by up to 23.
  • 6 pieces: When struck in combat, gives you a chance to freeze the attacker for 3 sec.
  • 8 pieces: +8 to all resistors.
priest shadow T0 classic wow

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