Warrior T0 Set Guide for Classic WoW

Here is the guide to get T0 set for warrior in Classic WoW

1. What's T0 set?

Posté le 19/08/2019

You have to start somewhere, and these sets are by far the most interesting before going shopping at AQ20, ZG, MC or BWL ... Getting your T0 set before level 60 is a good start to enjoy raiding.

if you want to find the best gear, check out our pre-raid BiS guide for warrior

t0 warrior wow classic

Ps: For all classes, the main parts of each set are on the same boss, namely:

  • Leggings: the Baron Rivendare of Stratholme.
  • Helmet: the Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance.
  • Chest: General Drakkisath in UBRS.

2. Warrior: 8 pieces of T0

Here is the list of all the pieces of the Warrior T0 set with the corresponding bosses:

3. Warrior: Bonus Set T0

As you may have seen, Blizzard specifies that this Valor set is also for the Paladins....  Yes, it is true that this is the case because both Warriors and Paladins can wear armor in plates except that you will have noticed that this set is clearly to avoid for a Paladin due to the total absence of bonuses of intelligence! If sometimes the sets can be mixed according to the specializations, here, this is absolutely not the case. Paladins friends, you will have to spend your path and leave these pieces to the Warriors only. Conversely, the paladin set called Sancteforge will bring nothing to a real DPS Warrior. The accumulation of bonuses in intelligence (+68 complete set) as well as lower stats on the endurance and the force will weaken the warrior class.

Conclusion : This Valor set is only for Warriors. Let's see what's in store for you with a total of bonuses of the set as well as additional bonuses that can be accumulated according to the number of parts that you will have equipped on you.


  • +110 Strength
  • +56 Agility
  • +131 Stamina
  • +35 Spirit
  • Armor 3622
Bonus du Set :
  • 2 pièces : +200 Armor.
  • 4 pièces : +40 Attack Power.
  • 6 pièces : Chance on melee attack to heal you for 88 to 132.
  • 8 pièces : +8 All Resistances.
Warrior T0 classic wow

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