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Singularity Horde

29 Aug
EN-PvP Mograine
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PvE Progress

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Number of players: 50

Shaman Restauration Shaman Heal

About us

<Singularity> 10/10 MC is a PVE focused English speaking guild. looking to optimize raid progress with only 2 dedicated days per week. The founding members have been raiding together since early Vanilla until WOD as well as also raiding on Elysium/Light's Hope so we know fully of what to expect with the modern approach to Vanilla content, we also have members with experience in competing for Battle-group Firsts and R14/Gladiator.

Our core team is based in the UK, which slowly expanded into the EU as we continued to grow.

As most of our members are now entering late 20s and early 30s, we appreciate that everyone has a life outside of the game and thus would like to maximize our raid time spent as best as possible.

Raid Days - 
Sunday 20:00 Server Time - 24:00 Server Time - 19:30 for Invites.
Tuesday 20:30 Server Time - 24:00 Server Time - 20:00 for Invites.

Our goals

We are looking to provide a home for those that are too busy to join a hardcore guild with their real life responsibilities but are dedicated and still want to enjoy a good raiding experience looking to progress through the raids in a quick time frame with limited raid days and eventually have most raids down to farming on a single day.

Who we’re looking for

We want dedicated members who can commit long term and follow simple rules like.

Being Punctual

Be on time, our raids start at a specific time to ensure we have the availability at prime time for all the participating raid members. Ensure you are logged in with plenty of time to make the Raid start time, be available outside the specific instance ready to enter. If a Raid starts at 8:00pm ST / 7:00pm UK time then we aim to start at that time. Your promptness is your commitment to the raid.

Keep your Class Leader informed. if you cannot attend a Raid or you are going to be late, let them know, a replacement can be sourced and the functionality of the Raid can be maintained. Failure to inform your Class Leader or any absence or lateness may result in a loot ban penalty and for repeat offenders your place within the raid roster.

Being Prepared

Farm your mats and bring your consumables, Protection Pots, DPS Pots / Flasks , Mana, Health, Bandages etc

The guild goes to some considerable expense to provide the important things to ensure success but will not tolerate you turning up to raids asking for other raiders to provide you with the fundamentals.

Do your Research

Read up on boss encounters and trash mobs within raids, as experienced and knowledgeable as the GM’s and Class Leaders may be they cannot look out for everyone all the time, if you’re being shouted at to “Stack” or “Get out of the Fire” you are unprepared.

Talk to your Class Leaders where necessary if you are unsure of your role in a particular encounter.

Raid Calendar Mandatory Sign-Ups

Singularity will utilize the Raid Calendar (Allgenda if need be) to organize future Raids and configure the best Raid setup based on suitable applications. If you don’t register your availability for a Raid slot then you wont get an invite to the Raid.

Contact your class leader if you are struggling to register and create your character

Discord Etiquette

Discord is used to co-ordinate and execute commands during a Raid. Push to talk is a preferred method of communication here as no one wants to hear you eating your crisps while we are Raiding.

During encounters leave the channel clear for the Raid leaders to organize and deliver commands, it is tempting to shout out yourself and suddenly feel the need to take over when things go wrong, believe me, your contribution along with the other 6 people shouting down their Mics is not helping. Let the Raid Leaders lead and you follow.Leadership

If all of this seems to your liking and you wish to contact us then join our discord and speak to Rannik, Chommy or one of the other Class Leaders.

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