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The Gamer Hive Alliance

15 Aug
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About us

We are an inclusive gaming community that values friendship and fun above all else.
Our membership is global and we have active members from multiple continents.
We welcome all abilities and levels of gamer from serious twitch streamers and content creators right through to casual gamers or even enthusiasts who just enjoy talking games with like-minded gamers.

The Gamer Hive community aims to provide a friendly social gaming environment.
It is founded on the principles of supporting each and every member and to ensure gaming remains a fun and friendly experience.

With Classic WoW, we are incredibly excited to rekindle our passion for the game that defined the modern MMORPG genre, and continue to grow our awesome community on the shores of Azeroth.

Our goals

Our main goal is to have fun. We have been presented with an incredible gift – a beloved game from 15 years ago is being rereleased for us all to become addicted to once again.
Because of this, we are intent on making the classic experience a memorable one for all members of The Gamer Hive.

There will be no shortage of guild activities, ranging from guild battlegrounds, dungeon runs, world PvP, and eventually raiding. We will work hard to ensure that everyone has a good time, and can accomplish their Classic WoW goals with the help of a friendly and supportive group of people.
We are looking to bring together a group of like-minded gamers to enjoy Classic WoW together, and beyond.

Who we’re looking for

Whilst we like to take things seriously, and do our best, our primary focus is finding people who are helpful, friendly and want to enjoy the game together.
We are a community of people who never hesitate to help someone out with a quest or dungeon, and do whatever we can to improve the guild.

We are a guild. We succeed as a group, and we fail as a group.
There is no room for self-centered players. Everyone should be willing to help in any way they can, and treat their fellow players with respect and dignity.
We do not intend to be a hardcore guild by any means, but we do expect people to try their best, and uphold our values at all times.

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