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Workshop Heretics Horde

23 May
EN-PvP Dreadmist
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Onyxia Onyxia
Molten Core Molten Core
Blackwing Lair Blackwing Lair


Number of players: 13

Open for all classes

About us

The Workshop Heretics are a WoW TBC classic guild based on Dreadmist – Horde. But more than just a guild, we are also a project: we are founded on a rejection of “meta-slave” attitudes and the toxic atmosphere that some guilds create in their pursuit of the ultimate cookie-cutter builds at the expense of fun. We wish to create an environment that is free of stress for newer and less experimented players while reducing necessary commitment.

Concretely, it means that we want to do a newbie friendly environment and that you are free to play the game however you wish, with whatever class or spec you so desire even if it is considered “inferior” by competitive standards. For instance, this can be a spec you find more fun despite being suboptimal, a meme-spec, or whatever exotic build you can think of. If you let us, we’d even be delighted to help you theory craft the build to its full potential!

Basically, the whole point is that you play whatever you want. We will never require you to change a spec or dumb down your experience to please the guild overlords. You can even play the top cookie cutter or meta specs if you want to, as long as you are tolerant of others and accept that our raid compositions won’t necessarily be optimal.

Our goals

we intend to clear all the raiding content, do PvP, and make loads of gold despite any sub-optimal playstyles. We welcome the challenge. Nonetheless, we can hardly make a claim to being a hardcore guild, although casual might be too reductive.

Who we’re looking for

As a fresh guild, we welcome all players as long as they remain tolerant of others potential sub-optimal playstyles. Due to the scope of the ambitions of this guild, its nature as an experimental project cannot be understated. It is possible that guild mechanisms, such as the structure of the guild leadership, or loot distribution systems, will be modified and experimented with. All such experimental changes will have their rationale explained with full transparency. The goal will always be to have fun first and foremost, that will never change. This may be an important caveat if you are researching absolute consistency and routine within a guild, so you best keep this in mind.

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