Best Healers Rankings - Phase 1

Check out the best Healers Rankings recorded in the Molten Core and Onyxia raids! What classes and roles are you currently playing?

Best Healers Rankings - Phase 1

Posté le 30/09/2019 by Nicou

Just like we did last time with the Best DPS Rankings, we will now briefly analyze the best healers of World of Warcraft Classic!

Thanks to the recordings of many fighting statistics from Molten Core and Onyxia, hundreds of guilds were able to bring their details into a big common database in order to obtain metrics about the Classes' HPS, Heal per Second, during these raids.

Once again, we remind you that there is no better Healer because its stats are better than the others. We must take into account the unique skills provided by these Classes to their raiding groups.

There are also consumables such as foods, potions and elixirs, but also equipment optimizations and buffs through unique skills.

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The Metrics

The following Tiers represent the best HPS found in the Molten Core and Onyxia raids. (Source Warcraftlogs)

Remember this when you create a raid roster: it is composed of multiple groups. In these groups, you have to put classes that combo greatly between themselves thanks to their skills and talents. Doing this will optimize the raid DPS output!

Three examples:

  • A Shaman in a Horde Melee DPS group will greatly increase damage through the Windfury totem;
  • A Feral Druid in a distance DPS group to increase the chances of critics through Leader of the Pack! The Druid can also restore mana through Innervate and Rebirth a raid member in battle to bring it back to life;
  • One Alliance Paladin per group will share Auras to improve overall stats

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More details


The Paladins have the highest armour in-game with their plate gear. This usually allows them to be more durable than other Healers who may be less resilient, and therefore provide more heals to the raid over the duration of a fight as they will need less heals themselves.

Very flexible in their uses, it is often recommended to have several Paladins in a raid. They bring many zone buffs through their auras, and the Fire Resistance Aura plays a centre role during the Phase 1 of Classic, since Molten Core and Onyxia contain many Fire monsters and elementals.

Although they do not have the excellent Horde's Shamans' Windfury Totem, the Alliance's Paladins stack  each others with the many buffs they bring to their groups, maximized by their talents like the Improved Blessing of Might, the excellent Blessing of Kings, or the Improved Blessing of Wisdom.

Finally, the Paladins are Mana-savy! The fast Flash of Light spell coupled with the talent Illumination allows him to save a lot of Mana, and thus to heal more.


Our cloth bearers are among the most powerful healers in Azeroth. Priests don't bring as many bonuses as their Paladins friends, but they compensate by a greater variety of protection & healing spells for Mono or AoE targets: Prayer of Healing, Renew over time, damage absorption Power Word: Shield, Greater Heal or even the Lightwell and the generous Power Infusion from the Discipline tree demonstrate their importance in a raid. This last talent requires some sacrifice in Sacred for a slightly more Discipline build. After all, the more DPS, the shorter the fight, and the less heals your raid will need.

Dwarves Priests are particularly valued for their Fear Ward talent, protecting a target from a Fear effect that could have ruined an encounter.

The Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Healing talents are not to be missed if you want to maximize your heals without using more Mana.


Opposed to the Paladin, the Shamans excel at Area Healing (AoE) with the smart Chain Heal, but lack talents to save some Mana even with their weak Mana Tide Totem supporting distance DPS groups. Their healing power is slightly below those of Priests but Shamans have better buffs.

Often placed in Melee, their Windfury Totems are of the most importance to melee groups, especially for Warriors who can then multiply their monstrous damage.

Let's not forget about the powerful Strength of Earth and Grace of Air totems, especially when improved by the Enhanced Totems talent.

Their Tremor Totem are countering the Fear effects, and are much more effective than the Dwarves' Fear Ward talent.

And of course, especially in Phase 1 : the essential Fire Resistance Totem


Even at the bottom of the HPS Ranking, Druids are fantastic tools in raids!

They are also very flexible in their talents and you will often find hybrids "Restoration / Balance" with the talent Moonglow saving a lot of Mana, or hybrids "Restoration / Feral" for the talent Heart of the Wild increasing the total Intelligence and therefore the heals power. Specializing fully in Restoration allows you to unlock the Swiftmend talent, for a powerful heal.

So many great spells:

  • Faerie Fire is THE spell your raid constantly wants on bosses or during burst phases for the armour reduction this spell offers.
  • The Mark of the Wild is always welcome to reinforce the raid's output.
  • Innervate is very demanded by the manavorous casters.
  • Rebirth can save individual mistakes or doomed pulls.
  • Remove Curse is essential to remove Lucifron's Curse in a raid against the boss of the same name, at the expense of some Heal.
  • Thorns allows the tank to do some extra damage and therefore improve its Threat level.

Not to mention the different Druids forms, allowing them to adapt in the blink to every situations.

Note that Flasks of Distilled Wisdom are very good consumables for them.

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