Best DPS Rankings for Molten Core & Onyxia

Check out the best DPS Rankings recorded in the Molten Core and Onyxia raids! What classes and roles are you currently playing?

Best DPS Rankings for Molten Core & Onyxia

Posté le 24/09/2019 by Nicou

While World of Warcraft Classic was launched a month ago, on August 26, hundreds of guilds have already been able to climb the ladder and engage aggressive negotiations with the bosses of Molten Core and Onyxia.

Thanks to the recordings of many statistics, these guilds were able to bring their details into a big common database in order to obtain metrics about the Classes' DPS during these raids.

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Of course, not everything revolves around the "Who Has the Biggest d...DPS", because many classes have unique skills bringing great bonuses to the table.

There are also consumables such as foods, potions and elixirs, but also equipment optimizations and buffs through unique skills.

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The Metrics

The following Tiers represent the best DPS found in the Molten Core and Onyxia raids.

Remember this when you create a raid roster: it is composed of multiple groups. In these groups, you have to put classes that combo greatly between themselves thanks to their skills and talents. Doing this will optimize the raid DPS output!

Three examples:

  • A Shaman in a Horde Melee DPS group will greatly increase damage through the Windfury totem;
  • A Feral Druid in a distance DPS group to increase the chances of critics through Leader of the Pack! The Druid can also restore mana through Innervate and Rebirth a raid member in battle to bring it back to life;
  • One Alliance Paladin per group will share Auras to improve overall stats.

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More details

Warriors - At the top of the hill, Warriors have many BiS items (Best in Slot) Pre-Raids allowing them to maximize their damage output. Among the best weapons, you can count on Ironfoe, Axe of the Deep Woods, Mirah's Song or Felstriker. For the Horde, Windfury totems give a massive bonus to damage. For the Alliance, you will gain multiple bonuses thanks to the Paladins' auras. The Warriors are mainly Fury.

Rogues- Combat Rogues are welcome to make the DPS reach higher levels. Highly dependent on their weapons like the Warriors, you will appreciate the help of Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge in BiS, the Thrash Blade and the famous Perdition Blade.

Mages - With a very simple skills rotation, the Frost Mages rival the top DPS and will be even better once the Ahn'Qiraj raid is open. We will surely see more Fire Mage in the future, but the early raids aren't very kind to them because of many fire resistances, nullifying the effectiveness of fire spells. The Robe of the Archmage is a coveted item, and paired with the Ban'Thok Sash or the Star of Mystaria, you'll do wonders.

Warlocks - Remember, when you Classic the curses won't stack up together between the Warlock. The latter, specializing in Affliction, will usually have only one Curse to maintain, with the best Affli player maintaining the Curse of Agony and possibly Corruption while the other Warlocks will play Demonology, spamming Shadow Bolt without forgetting their damage bursts thanks to Demonic sacrifice. The Robe of the Void, the Underworld Band or the Drakestone are excellent gears for you.

Hunters - You will always find Hunters Precisions among the best DPS. While the best ones carry weapons like the Blackcrow or a Dwarven Hand Cannon, the lucky ones will proudly brag with their Rhok'Delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers.

Priests - Mainly playing in Shadow form, the Priests are primarily used to channel the Shadow Weaving talent, increasing the shadow damage for Warlocks. They are then dependent on consumables to keep their damage as high as possible. Anathema is an excellent staff for you.

Druids - The Feral DPS represent a small portion of the other Feral Tanks. To be effective and reach DPS levels close to the Hunters, they will likely gear the Wolfshead Helm, crafted by the Leatherworkers or the Flarecore Wraps and the Mark of the Dragon Lord to increase Mana regen. Often depicted as too manavorous, only 1% of Druids play Balance, and even buffed, their damage doesn't always climb high. The Druids are also praised for their excellent buffs like the Leader of the Pack, Innervate and Rebirth. They are very popular Healers with many BiS gear available quickly.

Shaman - The vast majority of the Shaman population are playing Heal Restoration, while the DPS focus on Elemental damage, a bit like the Frost Mages and the Demonology Warlocks. Enhancement is much less played but most useful for the Warrior Raid groups thanks to the Windfury totem enhanced by their Improved Weapons Totems talent. They will then alternate between this Windfury totem, their rotation and the Grace of Air totem. The BiS equipment is close to the Druid's stats and the armour is mail. Go and tank Ragnaros now! ;p

Paladin - Situational and focused on utility, Paladins's Auras offer multiple bonuses to their teams and the players are often off-Healin their raid's members. They are therefore at the bottom of the DPS ladder, but the Sacred Healers are very  powerful and ones of the most appreciated in the game. Remember to bring your Obsidian Edged Blade and your Ret talent called Improved Blessing of Might.

What about you, what spec did you choose to play the First Phase of Classic?

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