Best class you should pick in Classic WoW?

You will play at Classic WoW but you don't know what class you should pick? Here is our guide to help you finding the best class PVP & PVE.

What class you should pick for Classic WoW?

Posté le 13/03/2019
Here is a guide to help you choosing the best class to enjoy Classic WoW. You will find the pros & cons of each class in all areas (Leveling, PVE and PVP).


A quick tour of the Warrior, a 'primary' class of World of Warcraft. About the PvE, the leveling phase 1-60 is relatively slow. Without any Spirit stats on your equipment, you risk running from cemeteries! For dungeons, the warrior remains the reference for tank groups of mobs in WoW Classic.

You won’t have any problem finding partners up to level 60 if you are properly geared. Once level 60 is reached, you will be preferred to other classes for raids if you have a Protection tree.

If you success to become the main guild tank, you will be a game masterpiece.

For the PvP part, out of the battlegrounds, we cannot say Warrior is the best class for solo world pvp. You will have to be very attentive to your environment. On the other hand, with a healbot by your side, you will be able to shine and to chain victorious fights!

warrior guide leveling wow classic

Warrior’s strenghts:

  • Best DPS class in vanilla (fury pve and arms pvp)
  • Best tanking class
  • No mana, so you can chain mobs with good gear
  • Very powerful in a group PVP with a pockethealer
  • Easy to find a dungeon as tank
  • Can be rich if you are blacksmithing and find the Arcanite reaper recipe.
  • You can enjoy all the 3 spec as warrior
  • Good duo levelling class

Warrior's weaknesses

  • Very hard to level 1-60, one of the slowest class but see our leveling warrior guide to be faster.
  • Most gear depend class in wow.
  • Overpopulated class, so a lot of competition for gear and finding a good spot in guild / dungeon.
  • Collecting mutliple sets (pvp gear, tank gear, pve-dps gear, resistance gear)
  • Repairing plate gear is also very expensive
Check our warrior guide leveling 1-60


The hunter is without exception the best leveling class of the game. With your pet who tanks for you, you can easily chain mobs unlike other classes that have to do more regen time. Moreover, the hunter does not depend on his gear to be effective, the green weapons from vendor are good enough for the leveling.

In raid, the hunter is not the leading class in terms of dps, he is overwhelmed by warriors, mage, rogue, warlock who have a much higher dps.

As far as pvp is concerned, hunters are OK because they have a lot of control, can continually attack you from far away and excel at capturing and recovering the flag in Warsong.

wow classic hunter


  • The best class for levelling solo and speedrun 1-60 (world record 4 days and 20h) – Check out leveling hunter guide 1-60
  • Thanks to your pet, you can chain mobs quickly and kill elite target easily.
  • Epic hunter quest that add challenge to the class.
  • T2 looks epic.
  • Taming a pet is fun and add more depth to the class.
  • Kitting gameplay is really cool in solo PVE and PVP.


  • One of the worst pure DPS class after the nerf at the end of vanilla.
  • High skill cap celling if you want to be competitive in PVE or PVP.
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wow classic hunter


Rogue will be THE best class for all WORLD PVP lovers. Being stealth and starting the fight first is the main strength of the rogue in WoW Classic.

Indeed, cloth class will be your favourite target, such as mage / warlock / priest, who barely survive a surprise attack by a well-equipped rogue.

About PVE, it is a T1 DPS class, but sadly rogue are overpopulated class in Classic WoW so it can be tricky to get a spot in the raids /group.

Finally, although rogue is a very powerful class of Classic WoW, he is also very dependent on his gear, and especially these weapons to be effective.

wow classic rogue


  • Best class 1v1 world pvp (stealth for choosing when to start the fight)
  • 2nd best DPS class in PVE
  • Stealth if the best spell in the game.
  • Skip all the mobs for quick questing
  • Very fun to play.
  • 3 different and very good spec.
  • Undead rogue is the way to go for PVP with the racial skill for breaking fear


  • A little bit squishy when solo levelling or when you don’t start the fight in PVP
  • Like warrior, it’s an overpopulated class so a lot of competition for gear and spot in group.
  • High skill celling, hard to master.
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wow classic rogue


At level 60, the priest is the best of all healers: he has a powerful shield and an excellent solo heal, you will always have a place in any dungeon or raid by playing this class.

In PVP, discipline and holy are quite squishy and lack of mobility, but the best is shadow that can inflict great damage on the enemy. In addition, the priest also has good control such as fear / mind control and mana burn which are perfect for the PvP.

For leveling, shadow spec is the most effective. All you have to do is use a spell and finish the enemies with your wand and have a good farming cycle without stopping to regen your mana.

wow classic priest


  • Best healer in the game and most versatile
  • Guarantee spot in all group / raid.
  • Priest is the best teammate anyone can imagine, you’ll have a lot of friends !
  • Very interesting class to play with overall healing ability and high skill celling
  • Shadow priest does serious damage in PVP with a lot of fun tools to enhance the gameplay (fear, mana burn, mind control etc..)
  • Shadow priest is extremely efficient for levelling.
  • Quest class for an awesome staff


  • Annoying to level until shadow form, a lot of respect during your 1-60 (see the guide here)
  • Shadow priest could be difficult to geared because it’s hard to find a place in raid (people prefers mage / warlock)
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wow classic priest


The mage is a very versatile class in WoW Classic. Effective during leveling thanks to its ability to AOE and generate its own food / drink, it will be easy to reach the lvl 60 quickly.

Regarding the PVE, the mage is the best Ranged DPS, especially once AQ40 / Naxx will open because the mages will be able to spec FIRE.

In PVP, the mage has an arsenal of extraordinary skills which allows him to achieve amazing moves such as 1vs3, thanks to their sheep, frost nova and various slowdowns. A mage who mastered his class will be deadly in Wold PVP and Battleground.

wow classic mage


  • Great class for a quick levelling (Single target or aoe levelling, see our guide)
  • Gear Independant
  • Highly Engaging Dynamic Gameplay
  • Free Consumables (Food / Water / Mana Pots)
  • Fantastic Group Utility
  • Strong in Open World PvP
  • Get good tips from people for trading food / water / portal
  • All 3 spec are viable so you won’t get bored
  • Good gold maker (Aoe farming in elite zone / raid, etc…)


  • Slow Leveling 1-20
  • Spec only frost during the first 2 stages of wow because of raid that are immune to fire.
  • No Self Healing
  • Very Squishy in PVE / PVP
  • A lot of Downtime Drinking during the levelling.
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wow classic mage


The Demonist’s performance (like the hunter) during his leveling 1-60 is surely one of the most impressive. Easy and fast, the warlock shine in PvE solo.

In dungeons / raids lvl 60, it is a real support that brings damage and control. The Healthstone and the imp’s can bring important bonus in complicated situations.

Regarding PvP, the warlock is also very comfortable out of "instanced" fights. In future phases, when Blizzard will sets up the BGs, behind a melee first line, you can control the opponents with the Fear spell while your DoTs do the rest, awesome moment.

classic wow warlock


  • Great class for levelling solo thanks to your pet (like hunter)
  • Bring a lot of utility in group / raid with all your dots / buffs.
  • Free mount at lvl 40 and another one at lvl 60 thanks to class quest.
  • Summoning players to get in dungeon faster.
  • You have your own free heal pots.
  • Really good duo levelling with a healer because you can trade your health into mana (life tap skill)


  • Great in PVE but not the best.
  • Great in PVP but not the best…
  • Can be hard in PVP if you are alliance and you fight undead with “Immune fear”.
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wow classic warlock


Positioned second on the podium for his leveling speed 1-60, the druid is indeed a leveling machine thanks to the different animal forms. He is able to heal, tank and DPS making it a hybrid character "go everywhere" very useful when you want to do some dungeons.

His ability to resurrect in combat is unique and makes it a class to pamper in raids 60 as for example Molten Core or Zul'Gurub.

Good in PvP instanced, the druid defends himself well off the battlegrounds but remains squishy following the spec that he has during WORLD PvP sessions. He will tend to survive thanks to his ability to changeform but will not necessarily kill his attackers.

wow classic druid


  • Most underpopulated class in vanilla, so if you love this class, you’ll get all the gear.
  • Resto is the only good way to play a druid in PVE and you always find a place in raid.
  • Best PVP healer (Heal over time, bear form to tank, etc..)
  • Unique ability in PVE with “Battle rez” that can save a raid and innervate.
  • Best flag carrier in WSG.
  • Early travel form to level faster.
  • Good levelling skill when you hit 20 as feral.


  • Balance and Feral druid are kind of useless (or I mean very less efficient than other class)
  • Hard for levelling until you hit lvl 20, then you can spec feral as a cat
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wow classic druid


The shaman is an excellent healer, he is the only class to have an AOE heal. He is in great demand for these totems that add a big advantage both in dungeon and raid.

DPS spec is more used in pvp as enhancement. Thanks to "Wind fury" who allowed you to 1 shot an enemy if you are lucky. A second pvp spec was a hybrid elementary / restoration that allowed him to inflict significant damage, while being a healer support for the team. However the weakness of the pvp shaman is that he does not have big mass control such as the mage or the warlock, nor a big mobility to escape from the enemies.

The shaman is not the best class for leveling, but becomes interesting from level 20 thanks to "Ghost wolf" which allows him to increase his movement speed by 40% with a casting time of only 1 second once his talent is full. It will allow you to complete your quests faster and you will avoid unnecessary deaths when you are in danger.

wow classic shaman


  • One of the most desired heal class in PVE thanks to the amazing totem. (Windfury specially)
  • One of the only AOE healing class.
  • High Burst Damage in Elem and Enhancement spec.
  • You have a unique skill Level 20 : Ghost ( 40% mouvement speed ) to improve levelling speed.
  • Amazing Group Utility
  • Can Tank / DPS / Heal
  • Strong Self Healing


  • Like all hybrid class in Vanilla, Healing is the only viable PVE spec.
  • Constant Mana Management
  • Struggle vs. Multiple Targets
  • Not really good as levelling
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wow classic shaman


The paladin is a hybrid class and like all hybrid class in Classic WoW, they are "average" in every aspect. The paladin's main problem right now is his leveling speed which is one of the worst of all classes.

However the paladin will shine in PVE where his buffs will be very valuable for a group / raid. Heal spec will be the way in PVE if you want to find a spot in a group.

For the PVP, the paladin is OK in Heal spec or RET spec, with a good equipment you can have fun and kick ass!

wow classic paladin


  • Best single target healer in PVE and PVP (= as a priest) once you are geared.
  • Really good utility in raid with all your unique BUFF
  • As a ret paladin with a good gear, you can kick ass in PVP !
  • Free mount at lvl 40 and another one at lvl 60 thanks to class quest.


  • Worst class for levelling (even worst than warrior) because you are always out of mana.
  • “Boring” class to play, your main source of damage will be auto-attacking as ret.
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wow classic paladin

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